10 Reasons Why You Must Give The Flexitarian Diet A Try

It might be better than you think!

The Flexitarian Diet has been steadily gaining popularity in the western countries and is gradually being accepted in India as well. The diet is a plant-based one with more focus on foods like lentils, beans, peas, nuts and seeds. Here are some of the benefits of the diet.

1. Convenient: The Flexitarian diet is very simple and doable. You just have to stock on lentils, vegetables, fruits and add a few herbs to your food bowl. Unlike other fancy diets, the flexitarian diet is very convenient.

2. Alcohol-Friendly: The Flexitarian diet allows alcohol, in good form, like fresh grape wine or good fermented liquor. The key is moderation.

3. Nutrient Dense: As compared to a traditional diet, it is much more nutrient dense. As you are consuming more of millets, lentils with an extra serving of fruits and vegetables, the micronutrient (zinc, magnesium, iron, silicon, etc.) levels in your body are much better.

4. Easy Pick-Up: As long as you don’t include white bread, the ingredients are easily available everywhere. Remember not to add fried, crispy or creamy ingredients. Instead, add food that is broiled, baked, grilled, roasted, poached and steamed.

5. Fullness: The Flexitarian diet gives you more satiety. It keeps the intestine full for a longer time because it contains food that has more fibre, as compared to white flour or grain. As you eat more fibre, you will feel fuller and tend to eat lesser, hence manage your weight better.

6. Taste: Flexitarian diet is followed across the world like Mediterranean Diet, which is largely followed in Spain, Turkey and Greece. The spices and herbs are a major part of the flexitarian diet, which add taste to your food bowl.

7. Economically Viable: The question is, what we eat and how it affects our economy? Meat products are more expensive and use more natural resources than producing grains, fruits or vegetables. When we eat a fresh produce or locally grown vegetables or fruits, it is great for the economy. Hence, the flexitarian diet is a great way of sustenance, in terms of the local economy benefiting from this.

8. Weight Management: The best thing about being a flexitarian is that it helps you keep your weight in check. Flexitarians tend to weigh less than meat eaters. There are no chances of you increasing your weight with this diet. Most of the food items that you eat, being a flexitarian, helps you reduce your weight regularly. It is designed to reduce the percentage of fat from your body.

9. Easy To Adapt: A vegetarian diet in India is mostly dependant on grains, it is not dependant on whole greens, lentils, etc. and further the protein and fibre content is also not high in it. Whereas the flexitarian diet is different, it is a fine-tuned diet. Here you are not just eating fruits and vegetables, you are adding more whole beans/greens and lentils packed with proteins. As Indians, being a vegetarian naturally comes to us, whereas around the world it is a choice that one makes. So, adapting to a flexitarian diet is easy for us.

10. Flexible: The flexitarian diet is all about one word, that is, FLEXIBLE! It gives you the choice to measure your serving, spice it up and lead a healthy life. It is far less restrictive and boasts of unrivalled benefits.

It might be time to take a break from the other fancy diets that you have been following and try this one out!

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