10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Sex Life

We have 10 simple strategies that will turn your old flame into a towering inferno
10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Sex Life10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Sex Life


Repetition is great—if you're learning Spanish. But it's death for your sex life, turning the pursuit of happiness into a holding pattern. We have 10 simple strategies that will turn your old flame into a towering inferno. 

Don't Start In The Bedroom

The same old place is too conducive to the same old patterns. Explore some new erogenous areas: The kitchen. The bathroom. Quebec City. Your bodies will be in new places, making it unlikely that you'll follow old routines.

Go Canoeing Or Hiking

Adding a touch of danger to the day will stimulate dopamine in her brain, triggering her sex drive. She'll see you as the cause of the excitement, as well as the source of security. Book a B&B for the afternoon dry-off and you're set. 

Feed Her Black Licorice

Bring it along when you're watching a Clooney flick. Black licorice has been shown to speed up her genital bloodflow by 40 per cent, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the author of Love Around the House.

Explore New Regions

You've heard about her nipples and vagina? Good. Now spend some time on the back of her neck. It's a brave new world of nerve endings, so gentle caressing and kissing are all that's needed.

Have Her Ditch Her Panties During Dinner

The naked secret you now share will linger through dessert, says Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a sociology professor at the University of Washington and the author of The Great Sex Weekend. 

Talk Dirty In Public

Lie on a blanket in a park, with people all around, and whisper your fantasies to one another, sparing no detail. You'll create sexual tension, but there's safety because there's no possibility of sex then and there.

Kiss For 12 Seconds

A long, lingering smooch reintroduces you to each other. Give her two a day: one in the morning and one as soon as you're home. Mouths open, arms around each other. Kiss like that for the rest of your lives and passion will never fade.

Use A Chin Rest

Nothing jumpstarts her like oral sex, so put one pillow under her hips and another under your chest. It's easier for her to then adjust her knees and legs. Rest your chin on your fist, and use a finger to put pressure on the bottom of her vagina to heighten the sensation.

Talk Big About The Future

You know her dreams—children, a beach house, season tickets to the Steelers—so tell her your plans to give her that and more. You're touching a primal desire and emphasizing your long-term commitment. 

Go Ahead And Stare

Lavish praise on the lilies and you'll be invited back to the garden. So concentrate on a favorite body part and talk about how beautiful she is. Make her feel sexy by thinking and saying she's sexy.

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