13 Reasons Why You Should Join Zumba Right Now

Are you still looking for a reason? Here’s why you should sign up for Zumba right away

Bored of doing mundane exercises in the gym? Zumba might be your answer to a smashing workout.

1. Learn some super cool dance moves to impress your next date at the club. I mean come on; don't you want to be able to do something other than the "sprinkler" or "grocery cart"?

2. Get your weekly dose of cardio! Class-goers swear you won't even notice an hour has gone by. How many panting and puffing on that treadmill can say that?

3. American Council of Exercise (ACE) ™️ research found out that a single Zumba®️ fitness class burned an average of 369 calories or about 9.5 kcal per minute. So, the next time you have a cheat meal you know which workout is your saviour.

4. Heaven for music lovers. A licensed Zumba®️ Instructor will take you on a journey across the world in 60 mins. You will get to experience Brazil with some sizzling Samba, Argentina with straight Tango moves, Spain with Flamenco fever or Trinidad with some sexy Soca. No other fitness format boasts of a cultural fiesta like Zumba®️fitness.
Music lovers are in for a bigger treat as we have the likes of Steve Aoki, Timbaland, Pitbull, Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar creating exclusive music for Zumba®️ fanatics.

5. This format boasts of the largest network of instructors of the world. They are not kidding. Zumba®️ is spread across 186 countries and for the globetrotter in you; you can find a class in the snowstorm of Alaska or the scoring heat of Egypt. Simply go to zumba.com to find a class near you.

6. American Journal of Health Behavior showed that when men and women with type 2 diabetes and obesity did Zumba®️ 3 times a week for 16 weeks, they lost an average of 2.5 pounds and lowered their percentage of body fat by 1%. Another reason for you to hit that class.

7. This summer instead of a swim hit an Aqua Zumba®️ class. Imagine a lot of splashing and hooting as you burn 500 to 800 calories on some Latin and international rhythms. We call it the fitness pool party.

8. Try the Strong by Zumba®️ format. The innovative concept has already won praise in the fitness world, including from celebrity trainer Josh Holland. The fitness expert, who has trained the likes of Gigi Hadid and Madonna, hailed the workout as "contagious". Jump right into it (pun intended) and get infected ;)! If you still aren’t convinced join the party, and see it for yourself, you will thank me later!

9. Did you know that you can actually end your miseries? What if you were paid to be happy? What if you don't have to be stuck at a boring 9 to 9 desk job? Thousands of corporate goers have chosen being licensed Zumba®️ instructors as their full or part-time jobs. Simply contact the Zumba®️ Education Specialists of India on zumba.com and kickstart your new journey.

10. Are you planning a cruise? Then don't miss out the sensational yearly Zumba®️ cruise on the Royal Carribean which takes you to exotic locales like Grand Cayman or Costa Maya, over 5 days. you get to get your summer tan with 3000 other Zumba®️ enthusiasts with the world’s top Zumba®️ presenters in the middle of the ocean.

11. Some of the best buddies are made in Zumba®️ class. The power of this format is the fantastic community that it creates. You will find most of us hanging out after class together at a juice bar or at the local chai point. If you're missing a social life you sure will find it here.

12. Bored on weekends? There will be at least one Zumba®️ master class or charity event you can attend to get rid of the extra calories thanks to a weekend binge.

13. A study published in human kinetics journal on Zumba’s ®️psychological benefits found that people who practice it feel more independent. It said that their lives seemed more purposeful. In this age of stress, we have found the perfect hack for mindfulness. We call it the happy drug. It's addictive happiness for 60 mins.

About The Author- Sucheta Pal, Ambassador & Education Specialist, Zumba® LLC and First Lady Awardee by Govt. of India (Woman Wellness).

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