3 Reasons Why Running On The Treadmill Might Not Be The Best Option For You

Here’s Why Going For A Run Outside Might Be Better
Working on treadmill

Undoubtedly, treadmills are the most widely bought and used fitness equipment today. From basic ones that were launched a few decades back to the most sophisticated versions providing customised workouts today (along with the other functions like music, screens, Bluetooth and so on), treadmills are widely used by fitness enthusiasts. Also, it is the only equipment which runs on an electric powered motor, i.e, motorised, like no other fitness equipment. It is also widely used by athletes and other sports professionals, successfully. However, are they really that good? Read on to find out! 

1. Consistency And Dependency

It is undeniable that the basic reason behind any fitness activity is to make your life healthier and help with the completion of daily activities with ease. But, on the contrary, this very equipment brings more dependency. Evidently, whoever follows this form for long, finds it difficult to switch to other equipments. Most people find it impossible to stay dedicated to a treadmill workout for very long. Therefore, in spite of being the most loved fitness equipment, it is often dumped in an unused corner of the house in some time.

2. Parameters

Working on treadmill


Treadmills are designed to give information about the activity performed on it in terms of calories, heart rate, fat burn levels and so on. It is based on the age and weight of an individual, which is fed into the machine at the beginning. So, there is one basic formula that is applied to every individual, which can not be true in everyone’s case. As per ancient Ayurvedic principles, no two humans are alike. Rightly so, an individualistic approach needs to be followed that ensures a correct diagnosis and analyses of any person. This very principle is absconding from the functions of a treadmill.

3. Mental Factor

It is also seen that treadmill enthusiasts get episodic about their treadmill routines. It definitely shoots the feeling of achievement in their mind. But, their day to day activities challenging them to walk or run more fail to show any improvements. Like, climbing stairs rather than taking the lift or parking your car away in a crowded market and walking. So, the very purpose of this equipment is lost. It can never substitute the mental strength achieved by an individual's outside run. 

Though it is doing great work with short-term-target-based individuals and sports people but it's role in the routine of a regular gym goer is questionable.

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