4 Car Sex Positions That Are Exciting Yet Comfortable!

FYI, this is not a recommendation for car sex. It is just information on a few positions that could potentially be better than others IF you were to have sex in your car.
Car Sex

While some people may be having sex in their cars just for fun, for others it really can be the only option; especially if you live with your parents or really nosy roommates. We get you, we really do. And we know that things can get a bit weird (like flailing limbs and horns being elbowed) when you try car sex for the first time. Here’s some advice: It’s honestly best to keep it simple! Here are a few tried and trusted sex positions that you might want to stick with if you want to avoid sprained ankles and head bumps. 

Disclaimer: It will never be like it is in the movies! Please don’t think that there will be a sex playlist, sensuous stripping and beautiful scenery. You should avoid playing music completely so you can be more aware of your surroundings. There is no room for taking your clothes off sexily, and you actually might even want to keep them on (partially) in case you need to make a quick escape. And, lastly, unless there is a really beautiful painting in your garage, you shouldn’t be waking up to a scenic view. Car sex is for quickies guys; keep the cuddling for another day, okay? 

1.    Backseat Cowgirl 

Probably the easiest way to have sex in your car is to jump into the back seat. But don’t start with missionary, you can go there later. Incline the passenger seat slightly forward and seat yourself behind it. Let her climb on top of you, as you face the front of the car. Allow her to take charge and when she’s comfortable, change it up by leaning her on the passenger seat. It’s a very small shift in position but it will make all the difference, trust us! 



2.    Front Seat Girl On Top

Push your seat back as much as possible and recline it to a 45 degree angle. Let her climb on top of you. The reclined position will ensure that she doesn’t hit her head and still allow you to have some control over your movement. You can also avoid all chances of her hitting the horn by mistake by doing this on the passenger side instead. Yes, that does happen. 

3. Missionary With A Twist

Your leather car seat covers are really sexy – but not so much when actual sex is involved. Keep a blanket handy if you have even the slightest idea that car sex is on the agenda. Lay it out before she lies in the back with you on top. The only variation? Lift up her leg that’s towards the back of the car and ask her to keep it up with the help of the headrest on the back (or the other leg with the headrest of the front seat). This will not only make more room for your legs but also help you achieve an exciting angle at which she can thrust up too. Keep in mind that this one might not be possible in a car that’s really small and especially if your height is above average. 



4. Doggy Down Low

If you have a roomier car, it opens up many options for you. Our favorite out of them being… doggy! Positioning can still get tricky though. The best way to go about it? Recline the backseat halfway. Let her place herself at the centre of the backseat, facing the back of the car and leaning into the trunk/ third row of seats. Now get in there behind her! The recline makes sure that you get more room for your torso, but even then you might have to lean down. Don’t worry though; touching your front to her back is only going to make this experience more exciting. And it’ll be easier to dirty talk too. 

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