4 Factors To Consider Before Taking Multivitamins For Men

Make sure to keep all this in mind before you pop another pill.

With so many choices for multivitamins for men available today, it is easy to get tempted to try some out. While we feel that these will help boost our health and fitness levels, here is something that you might want to look at before you start taking them. You can load up on most of the vitamins through nutritious food such as fish, liver, kale and other foods that top the nutrition food list. All you need to do is to have a look at the nutritional information of these food items and you are good to go. However, if you still feel like only the multivitamin pills do that job, here is what you must know before you pop one in your mouth. MH, along with Dr Prateek Banerjee, MBBS and General Practitioner, has come up with a list of 4 factors to keep in mind while taking these pills.

1. There Must Be A Deficiency

So, these tablets and not sugar pills, which will just make you happy. These can have serious repercussions if taken when they aren’t required. Your body must have a need for them. “Multivitamins are taken if there is a deficiency of a certain vitamin in the body. It is very important to remember this. If your body has a basic need for them, only then take them,” warns Dr Banerjee.



2. They Don’t Promote ‘Health’

If people have been urging you to take a particular vitamin just because it’s ‘healthy’, it’s time to tell them to check their facts. “There is no vitamin that we can recommend to promote health in general. They all have their individual benefits. An increase in the quantity than what is required can lead to toxicity in the body,” says Dr. Banerjee.

3. Consult A Medical Practitioner

It’s important to go to a doctor before you pop in pills, says Dr. Banerjee. “Go through your private practitioner. He will conduct a gamut of investigative tests to come up with what you need. That is the best way to get on to any of these multivitamins,” he says.



4. Have A Lot of Water

In case you are taking these multivitamin tablets, it’s important to have a lot of water, urges Dr. Banerjee. “A person on these pills must have at least 3.5-4 litres of water every day. These medicines increase your metabolism. The composition of a human cell is 70-80 percent water. If you are dehydrated, this will not help,” he says.

If you are still keen on taking multivitamins as you feel they will help increase your health and nutrition levels, make sure you keep these factors in mind.

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