4 Things That Happen When You Use Too Much Hair Wax

Excess of anything is bad and so is the case with hair wax. Scroll down to know more about the side effects of using this greasy product too often…
4 Things That Happen When You Use Too Much Hair Wax

Hair is considered to be one of the key factors that contribute to making one look good and shaping their overall personality. And though you may not need an introduction to hair styling, there might be a couple of things about hair products that certainly need your attention. Let’s focus specifically on hair wax – an easily available hair product used by men almost daily. This seemingly harmless styling wax might make your hair look amazing every single day, but this is not without some serious damage. 

At MH, we contacted Dr Sneh Thadani, dermatologist and founder of Skin Soul Clinic, Mumbai, who helped us understand the side effects of using excess amount of hair wax. Here we go…

1. Hair Loss

Using hair gel on a regular basis might lead to hair loss. “Wax dehydrates the scalp and hair and makes them prone to breakage,” says Dr Thadani. Hair wax typically contains chemical compounds, which when combined with external pollutants; react with dead skin cells and excess sebum on the scalp. This could ultimately result in hair loss, she explains.

2. Damage And Discoloration

Hair wax consists of many harmful chemicals that can cause hair damage. “The wax stops hair from breathing and does not allow oxygen to pass through the scalp, thus damaging your hair,” Dr Thadani says. She further adds, “The chemicals can also cause discoloration and fading, besides increasing the risk of early graying.”

3. Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common problem faced by not just women, but men too. “Wax is not water soluble. When it fails to be washed out properly, your scalp oil ends up mixing with the greasy build up in the hair or on the scalp, and the result is skin dryness and itchiness,” informs Dr Thadani. Hence, improper production of scalp oil leads to dandruff.

4. Dryness

“Hair wax contains certain chemicals and alcohol that clear off moisture from the hair and scalp, thus making them dry,” says Dr Thadani. It further reduces the production of scalp oil (sebum), which also contributes to dryness of hair and causes irritation, she adds.

While we aren’t completely discouraging the use of this hair styling and grooming product, it might be good to take caution and avoid usage too often!

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