4 Types Of Hairbrushes And When To Use Them

Your guide to making sure your hair looks flawless.
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Think about how much effort you put into choosing the perfect t-shirt, but when was the last time you thought about your hair brush? Choosing the right brush is one of the most important things for making your desired hairstyle.

Hair brushes are a must-have tool when it comes to styling your hair. The right brush can eliminate frizz, give you voluminous look or make your locks silky. In an attempt to update you on the right hair brush for different hairstyles. Here are the various kinds of hair brushes.

1. Round/ Radial Brush

Round brush can be a problem solver for many of your hairstyles. If you want a little bit of curl or maybe a blowout with volume, round brush comes to the rescue. Round brushes are of various kinds. The larger brush can help you achieve bigger curls. They can also either be ceramic with nylon or natural bristles or a mix of both. Ceramic brushes can hold the heat from the blow-dryer and these can help in achieving perfect hairstyle. It also protects your hair from heat damage and reduces frizz.




2. Paddle Brush

This is your go-to brush for an everyday brush and is a ladies’ favourite. Do you want an awesome blow out? This brush is everything you need. It might not provide you with volume, but can help in flattening out the frizz and adding shine. They are usually large, wide and flat. They can also help detangle your hair.

3. Rattail Comb

Rattail comb is not a suitable to comb natural hair as it can cause breakage. But, it is a perfect tool for lifting and separating hair into different sections for styling it. You can create cool braids, weave or maybe a flawless curl. The fine teeth of the comb also help in smoothing out the lock of hair hanging on the forehead and bumps in your hairstyle.  




4. Straightening Brush

Stop using the old methods of flat ironing your hair, use a straightening brush instead to smooth strands in a single stroke. This brush helps you flat-iron your hair while running the brush root to end. They will allow you to reach those hard-to-reach baby hair. It will give you flat ironing look easily. It is suitable for all hair types. Straightening Brush is a blow-dryer, brush and flat iron that only requires one hand.


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