4 Ways To Deal With A Gaming Addiction

It’s time to take stock of the hours you spend playing your favourite video games
Video Game Addict

Playing too many video games to pass your time? Video games can be fun and exciting, however, an excess of anything can never be good. In fact, we might find ourselves getting addicted to video gaming. Besides getting you hooked, playing a lot of video games can kill your precious time as well. We got in touch with Dr Ravi Abhyankar, Psychiatrist, Manas Hospital in Sion, Mumbai, to understand this gaming addiction and ways to overcome it.

Signs of Addictions



Want to know if you are addicted to gaming? According to this study, if you can relate to 3/5 of these signs, then you might be addicted.

You think about playing the game all day long

  • You play games to forget about real life

  • You have fights with others (family, friends) during your time spent on games

  • You neglect other important activities (school, work, sports) to play games

  • You spend increasing amounts of time on games

  • Possible Ways of Reducing Your Addiction

    According to Dr Abhyankar, there are 4 ways of getting over this addiction.

    1. Understand the Appeal of Gaming

    Try to understand the holistic appeal of video games and online games. It is important to understand that reality can never change with games as it can only be an escape from your insecurities.

    2. Set Time Boundaries



    As we play video games or online games, we often lose track of time.  It’s time to take stock of the time we are devoting to games and set boundaries for the same.

    3. Find Alternatives



    Keeping a distance from online games or computer games can actually help you in finding other passions for yourself. You can always have alternatives like playing a sport, reading a book, cooking a meal or spending time with your family.

    4. Incline More Towards Physical Activities   



    Playing a sport generates confidence in oneself. Since most sports activities happen in teams, this helps you brush up your leadership qualities, push yourself and improve your communication skills.


    “Though these points don’t have a scientific and a medical basis, they serve an important purpose of friendly advice which at times can be more useful than medical advice,” Dr  Abhyankar says.


    Remember to see a medical professional for help if this starts to affect your health. In fact, it might a great idea to run whatever way you choose to overcome your gaming addiction by your doctor.

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