4 Ways To Look More Attractive (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

Beauty may be skin deep but attraction goes much deeper.

We all know guys that seem to charm women off their feet effortlessly, and also those that struggle for dates. Ever wondered why that might be? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all down to looks. In fact, science has revealed that the forces of attraction are influenced by much more than what your eyes behold.

Before we level the playing field by handing out these four science-backed tips to appear more attractive without changing a thing about your appearance, remember that this does NOT mean an opportunity to let yourself go completely and not care about what you look like at all.

1. Humour Is Your Best Friend

Okay, this might not be the biggest revelation, but at least now you know it pays to be funny. In a 2009 study, people with a sense of humour were rated more attractive and more suitable long term partners as compared to their more serious counterparts. Time to learn some good jokes?



2. Everyone Loves A Skilled Orator

If you have a way with words you’ll have good luck with the ladies, suggests a 2016 study which claims that women find men who can tell a good story to be better long-term dating partners. Apparently, your ability to tell a riveting tale is linked to a perception of enhanced status with the fairer sex.

3. Generosity Pays

If someone tells you they don’t believe in karma, refer them to this 2016 study which found that nice guys don’t actually finish last! In fact, altruism ranked high on the attractiveness scale for women involved in the study regardless of whether they were discussing long-term relationships or sex appeal.

4. Play It Cool

Maintaining the right level of mystery about yourself will do wonders for your perceived attractiveness, science says. According to a 2013 study revealing too much about yourself when you first meet is extremely off-putting. On the other end of the spectrum, another study found that monosyllabic responses to text messages are just as bad because they convey a lack of enthusiasm.



So gentlemen, looking like a Greek God isn’t essential to have a happening love life—you might just have to do a little introspection to find your secret weapon!

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