4 Ways To Wear Plaid Shirts This Autumn/Winter

A complete guide to styling this bona fide menswear classic.
Plaid Shirts

There’s a reason you’ve been seeing plaid shirts pretty much everywhere these days, and it’s not just because the style has been appropriated by hipsters worldwide. Plaid (or flannel) shirts offer a low-risk-high-reward style option that’s simultaneously comfortable. What’s more, thanks to the material’s ability to trap air, extremely warm—making it the ideal autumn/winter shirt.

There are ways to dress them down for the casual look and dress them up for a smart formal look. In short, it doesn’t take much to look good in a plaid shirt! Here are four looks you can try out.

1. The Urban Casual

One of the classic ways to wear a flannel shirt is as an overshirt. It requires minimal effort—simply throw it on over a basic T-shirt, skinny jeans and your favourite boots or sneakers and you’ve got yourself a quintessential fall classic. Want to up the style level further? Switch out your basic tee for a graphic print T-shirt and distressed jeans.

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2. The Smart Casual

While the urban casual look is perfect for a night out with friends, the smart casual look can be your go-to for that date you have planned. Instead of wearing it unbuttoned over a t-shirt, button it up and pair it with a light jacket, jeans and boots for a flannel outfit that’s stylish as well as sophisticated.

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3. The Ultra Casual

What if we were to tell you that a plaid shirt is just as stylish when it’s not even completely on your torso? Yes, you read that right—made popular by rockers in the 90s, tying a flannel shirt around your waist underneath a denim jacket or hoodie is a grunge look that’s trending right now as well. The look just screams casual, but can instantly be transformed into a practical layered outfit by untying the shirt from around your waist and wearing it underneath the jacket for a nice bit of contrast.

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4. The Smart Formal

The next time you’re looking for a nice neutral shirt to wear to work, why not try plaid instead? The traditional checked pattern of the shirt will really set off your formal suit and set your workwear wardrobe apart from the rest. Make sure your suit isn’t patterned as well—too many patterns will just muddle up the look you’re going for.

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Earlier associated only with lumberjacks and hipsters, plaid shirts have grown in popularity thanks to the versatility they bring to a man’s wardrobe. There’s never been a better time to add them to yours!

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