4 Ways You're Unwittingly Destroying Your Fitness Goals

After all you don’t want all that hard work to go waste.
fitness goals

The road to achieving your fitness goals is fraught with many impediments. Some of these are outside factors that simply aren’t under our control, while others are contributed by our own self. There are common mistakes we make regularly that have a negative effect on our fitness progress. Here are four ways in which you’re unwittingly destroying your fitness goals as narrated by Kamal Chhikara, CrossFit trainer at Reebok CrossFit Robust in New Delhi.

1. Overestimation

Confidence is good, but self-awareness is better. So, it is important to realise that your body has certain limitations and setting impractical fitness goals only aggravates them further. When you hit the gym, set a reasonable goal after taking your body type, lifestyle, diet and requirement into account. Take the necessary guidance from your trainer while setting your targets. Seeing an achievable target in sight will not only motivate you but also shield your self-esteem.

2. Comparison

It is imperative that you acknowledge the fact that everybody is built differently and functions differently. So, comparing yourself to another person in the gym might lead you into doing somethings that are not meant for you. If somebody is benching 150-Kgs, don’t try to replicate their routine. Instead, get motivated by thinking about the amount of hard work they've put in achieving that and replicate that discipline and hard work in your routine.

3. Impatience

Sometimes, even after following a tenacious routine your body doesn’t show the desired results within the timeline set by you. Or worse, your progress may come to a screeching halt for quite some time. In times like these, there is a strong temptation to overtrain. Overtraining may lead to an injury. Instead, maintain your zeal and make sure your body is getting enough rest. It’s better to rest and train than not train at all.

4. Inconsistency

Being inconsistent with your attendance at the gym is the worst you can do to hamper your fitness goals. Getting a gym membership is not enough to maintain a fit body. So, make sure you keep carving time out of your schedule to hit the gym regardless of your work pressure, personal issues or laziness. Lay more emphasis on frequency rather than intensity of your workout.

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