40 Runners Explore Mumbai For The Launch Of Adidas PureBOOST GO

Comfortable, adaptable shoes, most ideal for urban street runs.
Adidas Pure Boost Go Shoes

5am is when most of us party animals exit a friend’s house, not report for a run. But report we did, ‘coz the prize was the pleasure of earning your very own and fabulous pair of PureBOOST GO shoes, that launched in Mumbai recently. Team Adidas organised an interactive event where we had to earn our stripes, and our pair only by way of active participation. A unique invite was sent in advance, with one shoe as part of the running kit, while the other one awaited at the venue. Here’s the lowdown on how we earned our pair...

The Shoe

Designed to conquer the city streets, Adidas extends the PureBOOST advantage to the PureBOOST GO as well. The mesh design that we all are by now familiar with is more adaptive to the enthusiastic urban runner’s feet. Having spent a long time in them, we didn’t need to cross-check the claims one often reads in a Press Release. True to their claims, every bend we took and every street we walked, the strain that is synonymous with running on concrete wasn’t felt one bit.

Forefoot stability takes over the minute feet hit the ground and from that point, it’s just dash and zoom. The breathable fabric inevitably reduces the weight you carry around on your feet, the circular upper knit and the full-length BOOST midsole are what make this shoe the perfect lightweight choice for street running.

The Adidas PureBOOST GO shoes are now available in stores and on their global website for ₹11,999 in both Charcoal and Black and White variants.

Adidas Pure Boost Go Shoes


The Event

Despite the early start, only happy, shiny faces were to be seen at the venue. 40 runners, divided into 5 teams of 8 runners each (including Adidas brand ambassador Saiyami Kher) conquered city streets during a span of two hours and a 8 kilometers, engrossed in their participation in a unique treasure hunt. A lot of them being first-time long distance runners, it was an experiment-cum-experience of sorts for Team Adidas to get a first-hand feedback of their newly launched baby.

Starting at the Police Gymkhana at Mumbai’s Marine Drive and exploring a vast number of iconic streets and monuments on our way, while unraveling the clues, the 8K felt like child’s play. A bunch of physical challenges awaited us at certain spots but we managed to overcome those with a mix of grit and team spirit. Discovering the city in twilight has a charm unmatched by any other and team Adidas motivated a bunch of 40 people to take up running as an individual fitness activity in the process.

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