5 Autumn Winter Trends to Avoid (And What To Wear Instead)

Some things are best left to the runway…
autumn winter trends

With the new season around the corner and all the sales and discounts going on, it is time to stock up on some winter garb. While that means you can possibly get a few great deals, here are a few trends that you should avoid to keep your winter style game on point.

1. Avoid Mixing Bright Shades

For any outfit you wear, only one thing should be the point of focus. The easiest way to draw attention is by wearing a bright colour but too many bright colours can make the look seem confusing. With a pair of pants and a jacket in neutral tones wear a bright t-shirt underneath or wear a neutral outfit and team it with a scarf in a relatively brighter tone to look different from the rest. Balancing the colours right is a very important and picking different tones of a single colour is also a good way to stand out and look great!




2. Super Skinny Or Baggy Fits

While we are glad that the baggy suits of the 90s are no longer a part of our wardrobes, baggy pants are making a comeback as a comfortable casual option. If you are looking for comfort, opt for joggers instead. They look like you are meant to relax in them without making you look sloppy. As for anything that’s super skinny, avoid them at all costs. It’s an unflattering fit on most bodies and pants in this fit make you look shorter. Always go for a tailored fit or a fit that you can feel and move comfortably in. 

3. Oversized Scarves Especially In Funky Patterns

Oversized or super-long skinny scarves might be a hit with Hollywood and Bollywood A-listers  but some trends are best left to them. Such scarves, especially in funky patterns can make you look out of place instead of making you look in charge. Opt for silk pocket squares with suit jackets for a subtle pop of colour in formal wear. Woollen scarves in shades like maroon, amber or even bright hues look great till the time they have a classic solid, stripe or check pattern and must be paired with a neutral outfit.




4. Large Logos On Your Attire

Anything that screams the brand name means that you are trying to announce the brand to the world. That’s not generally a good look on anyone. Be it your designer t-shirt or your luxurious leather belt buckle, it’s always good to let the quality and fit of these pieces speak for themselves rather than the large logos on them.

5. Cheap Quality Outerwear

With many brands releasing jackets and coats the competition and variety available in the market is super high. With competition comes competitive prices and that often means a compromise on quality. However, you must invest in a few choice pieces for your outerwear collection. Pick a good denim jacket that’s fleece lined for the weekends and a smart woollen overcoat for the business days. A good quality piece speaks for itself and will last you for seasons to come.



Keep these simple things in mind and be rest assured to make a style statement this fall! 

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