5 Beginner Sex Positions That You Should Master

Before you graduate to the ones you see in magazines (or porn).

There are many sex positions out there - some easy, some tough, some that will make you feel more pleasure than you’ve ever felt and some that could possibly result in broken bones. Before you go out there and start checking each of those Kamasutra positions of your to-do list, make sure you have the basics down pat. Here are 5 sex positions for the beginner - ace them before you start looking to spice it up further.  

1. Missionary

The classic, the trustworthy, the always satisfying. Missionary is as basic a sex position as they come - but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. It actually requires quite a bit of arm strength and stamina depending on the variation - and you have to add variation in there if you want to keep it exciting and seem like you know what you’re doing. No pressure, but you have to remember, the ball is in your court with this one. You have all the control, and she has little to do.

2. Doggy Style





The wild one. Even though it’s one of the most common sex positions, it’s still considered as the ‘crazy-sex’ one by many people. And well, we can only assume that’s because of how awesome it is for both men and women. There’s just something (well, technically, everything) primal about it that isn’t there in most others. It’s safe, easy and still wild - what’s not to love? And the easiest way to make it double the fun? Do it in front of a mirror, of course. (We’ll talk about spanking some other day.)

3. Cowgirl

The women’s choice. Do not be afraid of giving up some of the control and letting your partner take the reins. It’ll feel amazing, trust us. All you really have to do is follow her lead, a hip thrust here and there, let your hands roam and enjoy the show. What’s not to love about it? Plus, it’ll definitely help you last longer too. Always a good idea to switch to this position if you feel too close but don’t want the ride to end.


4. Spooning




The morning sex favourite. It’s the laziest sex position for both the parties involved and that makes it perfect for early mornings when you’re essentially half asleep. It low on effort but high on pleasure so don’t mistake it for a not-so-fun position either. Once you’re more awake and feeling energetic, lift up her leg a bit to make it even more thrilling.

5. 69

As far as beginner sex positions go, 69 is probably the toughest to master. There are so many factors you need to get right - the position itself, the mood, the intensity. It’s not always a woman’s favourite… But it’s good to know it well, in case the day arrives when she wants to give it a go.

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