5 Best Abs Exercises You Can Do In Your Backyard

Time to build a strong core at home
5 Abs exercise for backyard

There’s this constant buzz about ‘core strength’ these days and why it’s so important. Training your core basically serves two important purposes- it makes you appear leaner; and it improves your balance while supporting your spine. For those who like using the outdoors as their training space, we have some good news. Your abs can be worked in the comfort of your home backyard!

According to a California Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Medicine study, people who exercised in the outdoors lost about 7.43 pounds on an average in just eight weeks. They also reported a 6.17 per cent drop in body fat percentage during this period. The reason why outdoor workouts give such impressive results is probably because the body is consistently challenged by declines, inclines and obstacles.
So if the gym isn’t your favourite place, you can easily work to get those killer abs in your backyard. Here are five brilliant outdoors abs workouts recommended by U.S. based fitness expert and former bodybuilder, Dave Palumbo:

Hanging Crunch

What you need: monkey bars/sturdy tree branch/any elevated handhold

How to do it

Firmly hold the bar/tree branch and fully extend your arms.
Slowly exhale and bend the knees, bringing them closer to your core.
Hold for a second, inhale and bring the legs down.
3-4 sets, 12 reps per set.




Alternate Side Plank

What you need: flat surface and a mat

How to do it

Lie on either side and position yourself perpendicular to the ground with the support of your forearm.
While keeping the body straight, squeeze your glutes and pull back the shoulders.
Ensure that your hips aren’t sagging as you hold the position.
While twisting your body, switch the arms and get into plank position on the other side.
3 sets, hold for at least 60 seconds each side.
This is a dynamic variation of the regular side plank and works really well to shape your sides.



Knee Tuck

What you need: a flat surface/floor 

How to do it

Get into the regular push-up position with your hands placed on the bench (palms directly underneath the shoulders).
With your body perpendicular to the ground, tuck in the abs and pull the left knee up towards your core.
The lower back will take a slightly rounded shape and move/shift upwards when you do this movement.
Hold for a second and tightly contract the core muscles before placing the leg back down. This completes one rep.
3 sets, 12-15 reps per set.



Bicycle Crunch

What you need: a mat and flat surface (can also be done on a flat bench)

How to do it

Lie down flat on your back, lower back should be pressed firmly to the bench/ground. Tuck your core in and place hands at the back of your head.
Get your knees closer to the chest; lift the shoulder blades up (avoid straining your leg).
Straighten the right leg (approximately 45 degree angle above the ground) and turn your torso towards the left. Try and touch the right elbow to your left knee. Ensure that the movement engages the rib cage, not just the elbows.
Change sides and repeat the movement for the alternate side. This completes one rep.
3 sets, 20 reps per set.



Spiderman Pushups

What you need: flat surface and mat (optional)

How to do it

Lower yourself and get into the push-up position.
Pull the right knee sideways up and try and touch the right elbow.
Go down as much as possible. Push up and get the leg down so that you’re back to the original position.
Repeat the movement for the other side.
3-4 sets, 8 reps per set.
This variation of the pushup will blast your obliques and abs because you’re actively moving. 

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