5 Best Vacation Styles Sported By Bollywood Celebs This Season

The striking contrast in their style in the public eye and their real style will surprise you.
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While airports are the best places to spot well-dressed celebrities, it’s their candid vacation pictures that give us a little sneak peek into their personal style. A good scroll through their Instagram profiles and you’ll know that Bollywood celebrities love taking trips to exotic locations. So, if you’re following suit and planning to take a trip to de-stress, let these B’town stars give you all the sartorial inspiration. And well, if you’ve got nothing planned, bookmark these pictures and nail your #vacaystyle.    

1. Ranveer Singh 

Ranveer Singh’s vacation style is far from the usual Ranveer we witness at award functions and film promotions. His trip to Switzerland is proof of that! Though he’s put a few classic pieces together, there are elements of quirk in his outfit. We love how he’s swapped a solid button down with a floral one.  


2. Rahul Khanna 

Rahul Khanna’s personal style is nothing if not chic. He usually opts for good ol’ classics and adds a sexy twist to them. How does he make a white button down and shorts look appropriate for the beach? He leaves the shirt unbuttoned. It’s a great way to show off all your hard work at the gym too! 



3. Shahid Kapoor

A sleeveless tank top, bermudas and sneakers is how Shahid likes to dress to de-stress. The casual and straight-out-of-the-gym look is perfect to grab a couple of drinks by the beach. Shahid’s wayfarers and a cap pose as the most versatile summer accessories.  



4. Karan Johar 

If you follow Karan Johar closely on Instagram, you’ll know that he takes fashion quite seriously. He loves wearing jumpers or bold jackets with distressed denims when he’s out in New York. But this high contrast jumper and white sneakers combination is what we like best! 


5. Sidharth Malhotra

While KJo likes to keep it quirky with his vacay style, Sidharth Malhotra maintains his gentlemanly appeal with tailored silhouettes. He prefers taking a walk in Prague in blue jeans, a button-down and a suede trench coat - timeless pieces that’ll never fail you!  

Take a cue from these celebrities and ace your vacation style! 

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