5 CrossFit Exercises For Shredded Shoulders

What’s better? Most of these don’t even need fancy equipments.
Shredded Shoulders

As many of you may know, a lot of prime movements in our daily lives involve our shoulders. We’re lifting, pushing, pulling and doing all kinds of stuff that requires our arms and shoulders engagement. If you’re an athlete or a sports person, there’s even more reason to keep your shoulders in great shape. A sprinter gets his explosiveness whereas a golfer gets his perfect swing, from those shoulders. CrossFit can really help with improving one’s shoulder strength or making them bulletproof as they call it. Here’s a mix of bodyweight exercises as well as some weights that help you achieve those shredded shoulders.

1. Burpees

Do not underestimate this simple exercise. Extreme athletes, armed forces personnel, elite level sportsmen, they all incorporate this one exercise in their regime, lots and lots of it. With every rep, you’ll work your shoulders and arms explosively. It is a great calorie-burning exercise. And the best part, you absolutely do not need any piece of equipment for this one. Do it in your room, in a park nearby, in your hotel room or even at the airport as you wait for the gates to open. Add a little clap for jazz.

2. Behind-The-Neck Shoulder Presses

It is the most simple and effective shoulder boulder exercise one can do. The best part is, this movement highlights your pre-existing problems with range of motion if any. Olympic weightlifting powerhouse Dmitry Klokov does it in various forms: wide grip, narrow grip, strict press and push press.

3. Bear Crawl




We probably all did this one exercise when we were little but this isn’t child’s play anymore. It is exactly what it sounds like. You’re basically crawling on all fours without letting your knees touch the ground. Make sure your body weight is more on your shoulders than on your legs or hips. It strengthens and increases muscle endurance in the shoulders and improves its stability. Great little gem of an exercise and again, does not require any equipment.

4. Barbell High Pull

This one is a serious efficient move that targets deltoids and builds boulder traps. This is an explosive Olympic lift variation which can be performed with a narrow/clean grip or wide/snatch grip. Doing this movement from a hang position is ideal for muscle-building purposes.




5. Face Pull

Attach bands to a sturdy object or a beam at shoulder level and hold the opposite ends in a crossover position. Step back to place tension on the bands. Pull the bands to your forehead and bring your hands close to your ears. Make sure your upper back is fully contracted. This works the rotator cuffs, a small muscle group in your shoulders. This exercise is incredibly effective for muscle building, posture correction, shoulder health and preventing injuries.

Do not waste time, add these movements to your regime and start building those boulder shoulders now.

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