5 Exercise Habits That Are Making You Age Faster

...and what you can do instead.
exercise mistakes that age you machine

A healthy lifestyle, good body and a longer life - these are some of the reasons people choose to exercise on a daily basis. But what happens when the same good habit you adopted starts working against you? Yes, working out can have its own set of side effects - they have the power to age you. To better understand the subject, we got in touch with personal trainer and fitness coach, Ayan Roy Chowdhary. Here are the habits that are ageing you and what you can do instead! 

1. You Never Take A Break 

‘No pain, no gain’ might be a good mantra to motivate yourself with but when your body’s always sore and aching, you’re doing something wrong. Your body takes longer to repair muscle fibers affected by a workout as you grow older. If you use the same muscles before they’re fully repaired, it can cause inflammation. “This can lead to a weaker immune system, sleep problems and difficulty while working out,” says Chowdhary. Take at least a day off from your regular workout every week for healthy muscles. 

2. You Neglect Your Posture

This one’s a no-brainer. To avoid injuries, no exercise should be done in the wrong form. Apart from injuries, if not done in the right manner, most exercises have the potential to give you a hunched posture -  something that’ll instantly make you look old! “Incorporate yoga poses such as the cobra pose and the tree pose to improve your back posture and always ask the gym trainer to help you in case you’re unsure about the right posture,” says Chowdhary. 


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3. You Only Do High-Intensity Workouts 

High-intensity workouts have gained popularity lately and proven to be effective as well but if not done in moderation, high-intensity workouts can be harmful to your muscles. “If HIIT is all you do, you are more prone to injuries and muscle wear and tear,” agrees Chowdhary. According to the trainer, a minimum of 48 hours of rest is essential after a high-intensity workout like Crossfit. 

4. You Only Use Machines 

There’s nothing wrong with using machines to train. But if you’re not making time for free weights, you should probably change that. Weight training using machines is great for beginners who’re trying to build strength but free weights go a long way in getting as fit as you possibly can. “Free weights require balance and that’s something that reduces with age. If you can attain that level of balance at an early age, you’re only going to be a fitter version of yourself even years from now,” explains Chowdhary. 


exercise mistakes that age you machine


5. Not Investing In Good Shoes 

There’s a good reason why running shoes are called running shoes. “Not investing in shoes that are suited for a specific workout can cause serious harm to your body. Many people are still ignorant about this. The wrong shoes can cause you to roll your ankle and injure yourself gravely,” says Chowdhary.  

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