5 Indian Bodybuilders To Follow On Social Media

Let these fit men inspire you to hit the gym.
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We’ve always been told that the secret to a healthy mind is through a healthy body. Even though that’s a rather easy thing to say, following a fitness workout and maintaining a healthy diet is no easy task. But there are some people who not only achieve insane muscle and fitness levels but also go beyond the ordinary. Here are 5 Indian bodybuilders who made the country proud for being the fittest version of themselves!   

1. Sangram Chougule 

Sangram bagged the Mr Universe title a the WBPF world Championship in 2012 and 2014 and has won the Mr. India title six times. To top that up, he’s also won Mr Maharashtra five times! He actively shares his workout videos on his social media feed which is enough to inspire anyone to get their workout routine back on track. 



2. Varinder Singh Ghuman 

Bodybuilding isn’t Varinder’s only achievement. He’s also a known face in Punjabi cinema. Varinder is known to be the world’s first vegetarian bodybuilder and is also a proud winner of Mr India 2009. That’s not all, he’s was roped in by Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote his health products in Asia as his brand ambassador. Apart from sharing his health vlogs on his YouTube channel, Varinder likes to post about his workouts on Instagram as well.   



3. Suhas Khamkar 

Coming from a family of bodybuilders and fitness experts, Suhas was only 16 years old when he got inspired to become a world champion bodybuilder. He’s won the Mr India title 10 times and also happens to be the first Indian to bag the Mr Asia title in 2010. 



4. Yatinder Singh 

Yatinder is an entrepreneur, fitness icon and pro-bodybuilder. His accomplishments include winning a silver medal in the 7th World Bodybuilding and Physique Championship in 2015 and Mr. India in 2016. He actively shares health and fitness tips with his followers inspires many.  


Yatinder Singh


5. Thakur Anoop SIngh

Anoop Singh is popularly known for his role in the 2013 T.V series, Mahabharat. But Anoop is also a trained pilot and has won a gold medal in the 7th WBPF World Bodybuilding Championship in Thailand. His Instagram feed is the perfect place to get motivated to work out, stay fit and look stylish!   



After looking at these super fit bodybuilders, we’re surely going to get started with a workout. What about you? 

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