5 Indian Fitness Trainers To Follow on Instagram

Need some inspiration to hit the gym? Follow these fitness gurus on Instagram for achieving your workout goals
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From fashion tips to food reviews, we all log onto social media for ideas. So why not for fitness? You might not even need a personal trainer in the day and age of Instagram. You can just use technology to have a head-turner body. To get some workout motivation on your feed, we recommend these 5 Instagram accounts that have tailor-made fitness videos according to your needs. 

1. Devrath Vijay 

Handle: @ninja.dev

Devrath Vijay is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, IFAA master trainer and co-founder of the Outfit gym. His workouts will definitely motivate you to hit the gym… We’re especially impressed by his crazy handstands.    



2. Prashant Sawant 

Handle: @prashantsixpack

We’re talking about the man who is behind the ripped body of actors like Varun Dhawan and Shah Rukh Khan. Totally legit for him to be on this list, right? He is also the owner of BodySculptor. In case you want to get personal training, you know who to reach out to. 

Prashant Sawant


3. Kumar Mannava 

Handle: @kumarmannava

Aiming for pumped muscles? This is your man. You can’t help but be inspired by his big guns; he’s no less than an Ironman himself. From muscular body inspiration to correct techniques of exercises, you can seriously rely on him for all things about working out.


4. Vinod Channa 

Handle: @Thevinodchanna

Are you usually short on time? Maybe looking for one-minute videos which you can do anywhere you want? Vinod is the right person to follow. His workout regime for strength and core should not be missed by anyone. 

The Vinod Channa


5. Sarvesh Shashi 

Handle: @Sarvesh_shashi

Want to be comfortable at home while you workout? Then Yoga is for you. He is best the person to follow for advice. His love for yoga may inspire you to transform yourself - not just physically but also mentally. 

Sarvesh Shashi


To take your fitness game up a notch, you need to follow all of these profiles! 

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