5 Most Popular Sexual Fantasies You Should Have Tried By Now!

And you thought you were the only one with such kinks?
5 most popular sexual fantasies you should have tried by now!

Do you ever find yourself sexually attracted to clowns? Or aroused by trees? Nope, we are not making this up. These are legit fetishes: the former is called Coulrophilia, and latter, Dendrophilia. Clearly, the world of sexual fetishes can be quite, well, bizarre. But it is quite populated. A study in the Journal of Sex Research revealed that one in three people have experimented with a paraphilia, an unusual sexual fetish, at some point in their lives. While jesters and flora may not be up everyone’s alley, there are some sexual fixations that are popular universally and turn men on instantly! Here are five of the most popular ones... 
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 Filming The Act

 Ah, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Videotaping yourself having sex has always been thrilling! While smartphones have made the deed easier than ever, it’s also not very difficult to find consenting partners, either. What works is that it gives both the sexes a high to watch themselves in action later on. It can also be a great mood lifter, and well, confidence booster. But remember, it’s not all fun and games: playing it afterwards can also leave one feeling conscious and analytical of their performance, size and the like. But most men into this kink are already quite self-assured, and know the conquest will be worth recording.



In the world of ‘normal’ sexual fantasies, this was the seedy outsider for a very long time. But thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, partners are warming up to it and more readily admitting to finding it extremely erotic. What’s more, it’s even found to improve mental health! A 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that people who practiced BDSM scored better on certain mental health indicators than those who had regular sex. BDSM is especially for the vanilla-is-boring kind of men who like things violent and aggressive in bed. There’s a whole lot of kinky stuff that falls under its ambit: from bondage and blindfolds to discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. Nothing is out of bounds. 


Role Playing 

This is sex-Halloween! Through costumes, props and play acting, you and your partner channel the characters you fantasize about in a sexual set up. That’s the ecstasy: you can be anyone, and with anyone! Acting out roles not only spices things up, it also gives you the leeway to try things you couldn’t as yourself, lose inhibitions and often give banal relationships a new life. The more adventurous fantasies can also mean more than two partners, where some are participants and some spectators.


Golden Showers

Perhaps a kink that takes some amount of getting used to. This is the act of being aroused by urination: the feel, sight or smell of it. Also called Urophilia, while it may sound gross to some, it’s actually quite popular! There is a large number of men who find it highly arousing, and get turned on by taking a leak on the partner or being peed on. The fetish may also involve the couple passing urine while taking a shower together (that’s why golden!), or urinating fully clothed! 



This is PDA level next. Let’s admit it: we have all either fantasised about having or have had sex outdoors! But, not only is illegal to do it in public in India. So, couples usually have to do with parking lots, house balconies/terraces, hotel lobbies or, if feeling too gutsy (and lucky to not get caught), on park benches or beaches! The high is to put on a show in full public view and get away with it… something like the forbidden fruit: you know it’s not allowed, and that’s the reason you want it even more!


All Things Rubber, Latex and Leather 

For some, it is the material tightly hugging the partner’s body as second skin that’s turning on. Others get aroused by the smell of the material. In either case, they derive pleasure from wearing or having the partner wear outfits made of rubber, latex or leather. They are called ‘rubberists’ and have a whole lot to choose from to pander to their fetish: pants, cat suits, underwear, swimwear, for both the sexes.

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