5 Pieces Of Fashion Advice To Ignore Completely

Bombarded by advice and opinions on what to wear and how to wear it? Here’s what NOT to follow.
Bad Style Advice To Avoid

It’s almost impossible to avoid receiving fashion advice from all quarters, whether it’s via social media, newspapers or hurled at you from all directions by friends, family, and even complete strangers at times! Not only is it relentless, it’s also ever-changing. How can you weed out the rubbish from advice that’s actually practical? Start by completely ignoring the following list.

1. Money Buys Quality

If your clothes shopping technique involves you looking at labels more than fit and feel, you’re going to end up disappointed sooner or later. A hefty price tag does not guarantee quality—trust your ability to spot real quality when the time comes, but in the meantime don’t splurge on clothes that you could get at a much more reasonable price just because they bear the name of some big designer brand.

2. Buy Clothes In A Certain Size

We’re not suggesting you do away with the size charts altogether, but broadening your horizons might help. It’s extremely important to know your measurements and buy accordingly—don’t just pick up a ‘large’ or a ‘medium’ because that’s what you did at the other store. Well-fitted clothes can make all the difference!



3. Copy Your Favourite Celebrity

You can get a lot of style inspiration from them, but don’t go so far as to blindly copy whatever they’re wearing. When you’re as well-built and good-looking as your favourite male celebrities pretty much everything you wear is going to look good on you. Unfortunately, the look in question isn’t guaranteed to work for those who aren’t as gifted in the looks department.

4. Always Wait For Sales

Don’t get us wrong, sales are great for picking up clothes and accessories without taking a toll on your finances. However, if you have your eye on a quality item it’s much better to splurge get the most out of your statement purchase rather than admire from afar waiting for the price to drop. Investing in quality gear will always pay off!



5. Give Yourself Loads Of Options

Unlike what most brands might tell you, you don’t have to keep constantly upgrading your wardrobe to look good! It’s important to remember that what’s in fashion is fleeting and expensive, but classic style will always be evergreen and affordable. With that in mind, it’s possible to build a stylish wardrobe by buying the basics and looking good in every situation without rushing off to the store every weekend to stock up on new gear.



In the world of men’s fashion you’ll probably end up broke, confused, and looking no better than when you started if you believe everything you’re told. Save yourself a lot of time, effort and money by finding your own style!

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