5 Post-Breakup Rules To Live By

Here’s how to keep your breakup from becoming too messy.
Post break up rules

Breakups are tough enough. You don’t have to make them even more difficult to navigate for the both of you with your actions. If you were looking for the proper post breakup guide (and even if you weren’t), we’ve laid out 5 simple rules for you. We won’t mention drunk dialling since it’s 2018 and that goes without saying.

1. Orbiting Is Avoidable




The relationship is over. Done. There is no point in stalking her on social media or serial-liking her pictures. Let it go, give her space. No good morning snaps - you’re single now. This doesn’t mean you have to block/delete each other from every platform… Just don’t go out of your way to be a notification on the phone, that’s all.

2. Don’t Jump Into A Relationship The Next Day

Whether it’s to make her jealous or win the breakup, there is no good enough reason to jump back into the dating scene the very next day. Give it some time, let the breakup not be so fresh on her (and your) mind when you decide to couple up again. (This applies even if you’ve been cheating on her. Actually, especially then.)

3. Delete All Her ‘Sexy’ Pictures

The is the cardinal rule. She trusted you beyond anything when she shared sexts or nudes during your relationship. Keeping them is like going back on every promise and proving that you never deserved her trust to begin with. Do the right thing and delete it all - no matter how much you don’t want to.  

4. Return Her Things

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’re bound to have a few things of hers lying around. It can be something as small as her hairbrush or something expensive like her speaker system. Just because you’ve broken up, doesn’t mean you don’t do the right thing and return all her belongings, no matter how small or inconsequential they seem to you.

5. Don’t Haunt Her Hangouts (Or Her Friends)




Finders keepers. If she found the place during your relationship, it’s her territory. And if it was her hangout to begin with but you love it more now - still her territory. There is no shared custody of her hangouts or even her friends - don’t hover around them, hoping to bump into her and just to have her spot you. It’s unkind.

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