5 Practical Ways To Deal With Loneliness

Loneliness can be all-consuming, but there are ways to manage it.

Loneliness has become a plague that is destroying the best of us. Given the fast life and highly competitive nature of our professional life, people seem to have forgotten how to stand still for a moment and just take in life. The romanticism of loneliness in media has made it a taboo topic to talk about in casual gatherings. However, given that it can be a precursor to something more serious, we asked expert, Dr PK Manglik, Psychiatrist about the ways to manage it.

1. Recognise The Reasons For The Isolation

Pick a time for solitude for yourself to analyse and question the possible reasons for your desolation. The retorts that you may get on close observation and scrutiny of the things that you are going through, may range from the scarcity of people in the forms of friends, near and dear ones to talk to or the ones with whom you share your secrets. Further asking would reveal to you answers to questions like:

  1. What are the occasions and times when you felt the loneliest?
  2. From when are you suffering from this agony?
  3. Is there a situation when you feel this emotion more strongly, particularly when being with certain people?
  4. What do you feel for this sentiment- to carry it further or find a possible solution for it?




2. Pen Down Your Thoughts And Feelings

Making yourself note down the nuanced emotions that you feel, on to a paper or your phone, go a great way in identifying the causes behind your return to the desolation that you execute time and again. To undertake and perform this activity, choose a solitary place (again!) to write down your thoughts, starting from the sentiment you are going through. You can start like,

“The greatest number of times I feel solitary is…”

“The reasons for my being alone are…”

“The first occasion, as far as I remember, in which I felt alone was…”

3. Meditate

Meditation greatly helps to observe your thoughts. Just take care not to get carried away by them. Let the thoughts pass by your mind. For this to happen, choose a comfortable place, sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor (both these surfaces must be flat and even) with your legs crossed. Now, close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply, but with comfort. Concentrate on your breathing. Without opening your eyes, experience the air that flows around you. Observe the world - the chirping of the birds, the gushes of the wind etc. Enjoy the moment.

4. Revisit Friends And Relatives

Haven’t seen your friends for a long time? This certainly is the moment to make that happen. Human beings are social creatures. Meeting relatives and friends won’t just ease your agony for the time being but will also strengthen the bond for times ahead.



5. Associate With The Community

Serving a community not only heals you but provides you with the chance of working for others. Engage yourself, therefore, in the acts like a plantation drive, animal rescue, collecting donations etc.

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