5 Reasons To Start Meditating Today

It goes a long way in helping you manage stress.
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Competition in workplaces has increased over the years and with this competition, stress levels have also got elevated. With modern technology, there is very little time in a day when an employee is completely free from his work responsibilities. The number one epidemic of our time is stress. Believe it or not, stress is the major reason for all our troubles and sickness. Companies, big and small, are taking steps to help employees deal with stress and anxiety caused due to too much workload.

One of the most popular means today to de-stress is meditation. Meditation sessions have been introduced at workplaces to help employees relax and rejuvenate.

What Is Meditation And How It Helps You  

Meditation is about training yourself to be aware and get a healthy sense of perspective. When we meditate, we are not trying to turn off our thoughts or feelings but we are learning to observe them without any judgement and understand them better. It has been mentioned in many studies by reputed medical institutes that meditation is more powerful than medication for a sound emotional health. Meditation is considered as the internal cleansing and bathing of the mind.

Meditation helps us in many ways:

1. Meditation Helps Us Stay Healthy

Stress is the main cause of illness, especially at our workplaces. Whether it’s a chronic, stress-related illness like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or just frequently caused common cold, you can stay healthy by managing your stress with meditation and in turn, you would get more time and more energy to be productive at work.

2. Meditation Can Reduce Your Coffee Breaks By Giving You More Energy

If you find yourself hanging out at the coffee station a little too much, then meditation may be right for you. Meditation helps to improve our overall energy, so you don’t really need much coffee.




3. Meditation Provides Clarity Of Mind During Stressful Times

Meditation helps you avoid the mental woolliness that happens when you get overwhelmed. Removing yourself from everything going on in your world and focus only on breathing really helps. It eliminates stress and allows you to think clearly and see the big picture to reduce the probability of future events which are stressing you out.

4. Meditations Keeps You Motivated At Work

At times there are moments at work when all that you can think of is going home. When you are stressed, it is hard to stay motivated. But by meditation, you can practice managing negative emotions and focus on the present, which can make all the difference.




5. Meditations Gives You Happiness And Satisfaction

Even insignificant depression can exhaust you, making it much harder to be productive at work. Meditation of all kinds can lower the risk of depression or improve insignificant depression. The more satisfied you feel in your life, the more you’ll be able to get done in a day. 

In the end, your performance at work matters always. And when you meditate you have the opportunity to turn off the comments, criticisms and demands from everything around you, and listen to your inner self.

About The Author: Mr. Prashant Wadhawan is a Strength and Conditioning Coach cum Nutritionist at Viiking trance Fitness by Sachiin Joshi. Viiking Trance is committed to health, fitness and well being. With an understanding that fitness is an experience of the body and mind, Viiking Trance ensures that you get the most out of the time you spend at the lounge.

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