5 Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas To Woo Her With

Contrary to popular belief, fine dining and fancy cars aren’t the way to a woman’s heart.

So there is a girl in the picture and you’ve been on a few dates. All is going well, but here’s the thing - you’re really into her. And going out every other night can be expensive as hell, and not all that helpful in your quest of getting to know and impress her. This is when you need to get creative… Or take our help, that works too!

1. Backyard Camping

Some women like camping and some wouldn’t even consider the idea of it. An easy in-between option? Camping in the backyard (or a terrace, we’re playing pretend anyway here).



Get ready with a basket full of food and drinks, a bedsheet, a blanket, some cutlery and, of course, mosquito repellant. It might not be the date with nature you really desire, but she’ll be in her comfort zone and it’ll still be something very different.

A tip to impress her even more? Borrow a projector from a friend and play a movie the old fashion way. She’ll never be able to forget it.

2. Karaoke Time

The first few dates are super exciting - but they can also be super uncomfortable. You’re too conscious to be yourself completely and try to behave in a manner that you think the other would appreciate.

You know what will help you get out of this phase? A night of singing at the top of your voices in front of each other. Challenge her to a karaoke night and have a blast ruining her (and your own) favourite classics.

3. Game Night

Who doesn’t love board games? Dig out that old box of Monopoly, Ludo and the likes and get ready for a great night with your new lady.

Want to make things even more exciting? Bet on the game. A kiss, a foot massage, there are so many fun options.



Don’t have any board games? Well, you can always play some old-school card games or Twister. And if you have no equipment at all - the dependable ‘20 Questions’ and ‘Would You Rather’ work really well for getting to know each other.

4. Play Chef

Cooking together is bonding experience like no other. Don’t jump into the deep end and ask her to make dinner with - the hunger might mess with your plan. Dessert, though, is the perfect idea.

Here’s a recipe recommendation by Jeremie Sabbagh, CEO, Co-Head Chef and Head Baker of Suzette Gourmet:

“You just need a good pantry for this parfait and not more than 15 minutes!

Ingredients: 50 gm almonds, 50 gm cashews, 50 peanuts, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 2 tablespoons honey

In a saucepan, toast all the nuts on low flame for 5 minutes, stirring constantly to ensure all the nuts are well cooked. Remove from fire and transfer in a bowl. Immediately add the honey and cinnamon and make sure all the nuts are coated. Let cool.

In a nice glass, put 100 gm of yoghurt, top it with cubes of pineapple and top the pineapple cubes with the honey glazed nuts.”

5. Soundcloud And Chill

Thought Netflix and Chill was the ultimate at-home date? Think again.

We already know that music makes your sex life more exciting. So it can’t hurt your chances to just lay down and listen to each other’s favorites, can it? Not everyone likes the same music though, so just take turns.



And don’t be too quick to judge - this is not only a great way to get to know what she likes but also an opportunity to introduce her to some, in your opinion, great music. Of course, she won’t take too kindly to you trying to skip ahead on her favourites. It’s a two-way street!

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