5 Science-Backed Hacks That Will Make You More Appealing To Women

Not being able to score points with the other sex? Science has your back!

Regardless of whether you’re on Tinder or some other dating app or meeting someone in person, striking a romantic connection (in the physical or virtual world) is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, several men and women take a good amount of time to warm up to a potential dating partner, threading their way through various personal insecurities and possibly even low self-esteem. At the same time, a bow down to those who can charm a stranger almost instantly and are quite effortless in keeping things moving forward.

If you think science destroyed your student life, and sucked the joy out of it; it’s probably back to make amends. Confused? Let’s break it down for you – here are five interesting human behaviours and patterns tested by science that might help win you some major brownie points with the women. So adorn your lab coats and get ready to experiment!

1. Stick To People In Your League

A University of California (Berkeley) study assessed the online dating attitudes of an equal number of heterosexual men and women and came to the conclusion that nearly all users were tempted to get in touch with the most attractive people on the website. However, these men and women would likely receive a response from only those who were nearly as physically attractive as them.

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According to Mark Sergeant, psychologist at Nottingham Trent University, if a person goes for somebody who is almost as attractive as them, it could help avoid doubts regarding the partner having affairs in the long run. In other words, if both the man and the woman are aware that they’re in the same league as far as looks are concerned, the chances of the relationship lasting longer are more.

2. Appear Older

According to a study conducted among more 3,000 heterosexual adults in 2010, women might often feel attracted to older men. Heard of the ‘George Clooney Effect’? Yep, this is what we’re talking about. According to Fhionna Moore, lead author of the study and psychologist at the University of Dundee, this pattern perhaps suggests that women feel more confident about men with greater financial security – they tend to appear more powerful, and in turn more attractive to them. 

So don’t feel too bad about the early graying of your hair, it might just be a big hit among the ladies!

3. Reveal (Not Show Off) Your Higher Status 

According to a Cardiff Metropolitan University study (2014), men who posted pictures of them in a high-end luxury apartment were ranked more attractive and desirable among women. Similar results were reported by another study done at the University of Wales Institute in 2010 – men clicked with a luxury car, such as a Bentley, were considered to be far more attractive as compared to those with a Ford Fiesta.

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4. Work Out To Build Muscle (But Not Too Much)

A University of California study done in 2010 revealed that men who have a good physique or big muscles tend to attract a greater number of women, albeit for short-term relationships. According to study authors Martie G. Haselton and David A. Frederick, sexual traits such as masculinity, are indicative of DNA that may increase reproductive success or offspring viability. But the same study also revealed that men with less muscle were perceived to be more suitable for solid, long-term relationships by women.

5. Embrace More Red In Your Wardrobe

A cross-cultural study, done in the year 2010, included participants from various nations such as China, Germany, the United States and England. The results of the study revealed that women tend to feel extremely attracted towards men who wear red. It appears that for centuries, red has symbolised status and power and in fact, attracts greater number of men towards women too.

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Now who thought romance could have a scientific angle to it? 

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