5 Simple Home Remedies To Remove A Tan

Before you head out to a nearby drugstore and search for anti-tanning products, try these natural yet effective home remedies to easily get rid of that summer tan!
5 Home Remedies To Cure A Tan

“Cover yourself properly when you go out.” That’s the word when the sun is out.  Summers are back with a bang and while we love the cheery vibe of this season, there are also a couple of problems that don’t please us as much – tanning tops the list. While we’re convinced that you already know what tanning is; it’s still worth mentioning that this phenomenon causes your skin tone to go a shade or two darker, because of extended exposure to the sun.

To get rid of a tan, most people end up spending money on cosmetic products that claim to be natural, but are most likely not. What if we tell you that you could do away with all those expensive products and still eliminate your tan? Yes, that’s true. Your home has everything you need to keep your skin healthy during the summer; and to make your work easier, we’ve listed a few anti-tanning home remedies right here!

1. Potato

Potato is one vegetable that is available in the kitchen throughout the year. But besides going into your curry, potato can help you get rid of tan too! “Potato contains an enzyme named catecholase that helps in lightening your skin tone,” says Dr. Preeti Seth, Cosmetologist, Pachouli Wellness Clinic, Delhi. Besides this, potato is a bleaching agent too. Take the juice of a medium-sized potato and apply it on the tanned skin area. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then gently wash with water. 

2. Yogurt and Turmeric

Just like potato, turmeric is an excellent bleaching agent too. And when you combine turmeric and yogurt, you get even better results. Just mix a pinch of turmeric in one or two tablespoons of water and apply it on the affected area. Leave the pack for about 15 minutes and then wash properly with cold water. 

3. Lemon Juice and Honey

Lemon juice, as we know, has endless amounts of benefits, and one of them is that it has excellent bleaching properties and can remove a tan quite effectively. “It is rich in vitamin C and has proven skin lightening effects,” says Dr. Seth. Pour a few drops of honey in two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply it on the tanned area. Leave the mix on for about ten minutes and wash with water once it dries.

4. Cucumber 

“Cucumber has cooling properties and also helps remove tan,” says Dr. Seth. Extract the juice out of a cucumber and apply it all over the affected skin with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it to dry and gently wash with water. You could also add a few drops of lemon juice or rose water for improved results.

5. Aloe Vera

“Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and helps eliminates free radicals in the skin. It has the effect of lightening the skin and removes tan,” says Dr Seth.  Apply some fresh aloe vera on your skin and leave it on overnight. When you wake up in the morning, wash it off with normal water. 

Try these simple home remedies for removing tan and keep your skin bright and healthy this summer!

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