5 Sneaker Styles That Are Must-Haves For Every Man

You can’t go wrong with a smart pair of sneakers and these five styles will cover all your bases.

Sneakers are one of the most versatile fashion accessories in a man’s wardrobe. They go with pretty much everything you own, from trousers to shorts and formal to casual wear. They’re extremely practical too, just the right mix of function and fashion. Whether you’re pumping iron at the gym or chilling with your friends, they’ve got your back for every social occasion.

However, with latest designs and limited edition sneakers coming out almost every day, it’s hard to keep track of what’s in style. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of five sneaker styles that’ll never go out of fashion, which makes them a must in every man’s wardrobe:

1. All-White Tennis Shoes

The clean and minimalist look of the all-white tennis sneakers is as close to dress shoes as sneakers will get. They look equally good in a casual ensemble with jeans and in a formal setting. Even though they do take a bit of maintenance to ensure that they look pristine, there’s a reason almost every shoe brand in the world has their own version of the all-white sneakers — they’re an all-time classic!

Credits: pinterest.com/Shubham Khot


2. All-Blacks

A pair of all-blacks is just as stylish and versatile as the all-white sneakers, minus the upkeep. With little to no cleaning required, you can divert all your focus on style. Just like the all-white sneakers, they’re equally at home in the gym as well as the workplace.

Credits: pinterest.com/ Chetan Kohli


3. Stylish Running Shoes

If comfort is your main concern, then runners are the way to go. Although they put performance first, there’s no let up on style either, thanks to designers getting involved in the sneaker market in a big way.

Credits: pinterest.com/Naresh Chopra


4. Basketball Shoes

The fact that seven-foot-tall basketball players wear these during their games is all the proof you need that basketball shoes are ultra-comfortable. They’ll up your style quotient too — you can wear them to impress your date or make your friends jealous! No sneaker collection is complete without a pair.

Credits: pinterest.com/Beniffer Kemildon


5. Gym Trainers

If you’re serious about your fitness, you need a pair of sneakers that’ll support you as you chase your PBs at the gym. A lot of science goes into choosing the right pair — hard, flat-soled shoes for weight training and running shoes for cardio. Go for classic colours and you’ll find that they compliment your style outside the gym too.

Credits: pinterest.com/Spring


Invest in these kicks and you’re sure to get through your day in comfort and style!

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