5 Stand Up Comedians Who Are Not Just Funny But Fit Too

They don’t just work on the smile muscles.
Stand Up Comedians

Being just funny won’t cut it in todays time. The stand up comedians who are always in the limelight don’t just work on their monologues but they also work on their health and fitness.

1. Kenneth Sebastian



Kenneth Sebastian, known more popularly by his nickname kenny, is the most followed comedian on Instagram. He keeps sharing his love for chai with his 552k followers. The self claimed dosa lover talks to his audience about the basic stuff and what middle class families go through on a daily basis. It’s his this content that has lead to such a huge fan following. His instagram account is the proof of his sense of humour. Kenny has been concentrating on his abs workout and we have a proof.



2. Kanan Gill



Kanan, who is India’s one of the first comedians, rose to fame with his immensely funny movie reviews, which he did along with fellow comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. With 349k followers on Instagram, he makes sure to share snippets from his daily life. There is nothing that this man has not tried from dancing to cooking. His workouts include kicking ass at the gym with his trainer and other ways such as playing football.



3.Vir Das



The comedian, actor and musician has 214k followers on Instagram. He has actually proved that there is nothing that he cannot do. He is the only Indian comedian who has represented India on international shows such as Conan O’Brien. The front man of Alien Chutney has made the world aware of the standup scenario in India. Thinking about cookies while doing burpees is what drives him.



4. Abish Mathew

For his health and fitness, Abish keeps it natural. He plays football and goes rowing with Kenny in exotic locations. He keeps his 310k followers updated with his life and keeps giving them doses of his witty sense of humour. His Instagram account has not some but many jealousy-inducing images of picturesque locations that he has been to.  


5. Daniel Fernandes

The 32k followers of Daniel on his instagram get a daily dose of quirky posts which actually put a smile on ones face. The cat-lover is a fan of cars, travelling and concerts, his Instagram is a proof of that. He is one of the fittest comedians on the block. He keeps posting images from his tours and the picturesques locations and guess what? He is on tour right now.

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