5 Surprising Side Effects Of Chewing Gum

You need to spit out that piece of gum right now because it is grosser than you think
side effects of chewing gum

Those colourful packages of gum might look attractive, but there is a dark side to chewing gum, informs multiple health experts to MH. Most people assume that chewing gum is better than eating candy as it has fewer calories. Well, this read might be an eye opener for all gum lovers. 
There are various reasons why people get hooked on to chewing gum – it might help reduce stress, minimise food cravings and so on. But there are some significant side effects of indulging in too much gum action too. Here we have them listed for you:

1. Increased Intake Of Junk

You may be eating gum to reduce food cravings, but this study will debunk all the myths you know about chewing gum and how it can help minimise your calorie intake. According to the study, those who chew gum regularly are least likely to eat healthy foods like fruits and also experience an increase in their cravings for junk such as potato chips. 

2. Damaged Teeth

Chewing gum  to get rid of bad breath may not be such a good idea after all. Regardless of whether you’re eating regular or sugarfree gum, it does end up rotting your teeth because of the acidic flavourings in it. So avoid it if you don’t want eroded teeth!

3. Development Of GI Problems

Galvanized Iron (GI) a disorder related to Irritable Bowel System (IBS) that can ultimately lead to cramping and abdominal pain. "Chewing gum can contribute to IBS, because the excess swallowed air can cause abdominal pain and bloating," informs Dr Mahesh Gupta, DM-Gastroenterology, MBBS, MD-General Medicine, New Delhi.

4. Release Of Mercury In The System

If you have mercury fillings in your teeth, you need to be careful with chewing gum as mercury filing is a combination of mercury, silver and tin. Research published in Critical Reviews In Oral Biology and Medicine suggests that chewing gum can release the mercury from filings into our system. High levels of mercury in the body may have adverse effects on our health.

5. Headaches

Stressed at work? Wait before you reach for that a packet of gum. Author Dr Nathan Watemberg of Tel Aviv University-affiliated Meir Medical Center published a study in Pediatric Neurology that stated how eating  gum could trigger headaches and migraines in people.

No, you don’t have to give up on chewing gums, but be careful about how often you pop one in your mouth!

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