5 Things That Are Making You Anxious

Save yourself before saving anyone else.

It’s extremely important to be aware of your mental health and today, we are here to do exactly that. Anxiety is one condition we all suffer from and it’s important we understand how it functions. Here’s a list of 5 science-backed reasons behind that anxiety you often feel. Take note and avoid doing these things as much as possible. 

1. Watching Shows 

When you watch shows, especially the ones that are dark like Black Mirror or Handmaid’s Tale, you tend to get depressed. Research claims that when you spend more time with your screen instead of actual human beings, you get anxious. So ask yourself, is Netflix actually letting you chill?

2. No Work-Life Balance

With technological advancements, we’re constantly working the moment our day starts, till it ends. It’s important to maintain a work-life balance in order to stay happy and focused, both personally as well as professionally. According to Work State of Mind Project, we become irritated when our work intrudes our personal lives and this leads to anxiety.

3. Interrupted Sleep Cycle

Sleepless Nights

A study by UC Berkeley researchers shows that when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your entire day gets disrupted and you end up worrying about things more than you would otherwise. It’s important to sleep properly in order to deal with anxiety. When you wake up, you should feel fresh and not tired or stressed. 

4. Mobile Phones

You kinda knew this one, didn’t you? We are using our mobile phones 24x7 and that’s what is making us anxious. A research by Baylor University discovered that people who are spending more than nine hours of their day using social media on their phones are way more stressed than those who are not.

5. Hanging Out With Anxious People

Now, this might sound selfish, but when you hang out with anxious people, you risk becoming anxious yourself. A study shows that when you interact with someone who is anxious, you tend to comfort them and let them enter your nervous system. Anxiety can be passed on and you need to protect yourself before protecting anyone else. 
We hope this will help you keep anxiety at bay! 

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