5 Things Women Want From You When You Go Down On Her

You might have mastered the art in your head, but there are things you still need to learn when you want to give her a tongue-lashing!
Things women want when you go down

Going down on a woman can be a tricky thing. We men think that we have cracked the code of cunnilingus. But there are things that she hates when you’re at it! And, of course, there are things that she absolutely craves for and secretly wants you to know and get right. While a study done by Indiana University in 2016 reaffirmed that clitoral simulation was the key to a woman’s orgasm, you can’t just spend a minute there and expect her to praise your heroics.

It takes both time and effort to please a woman, and what you think is right might be all wrong. It’s great if your lady love is a patient teacher and guides you through what he wants and how she wants it. But chances are ripe that she just might keep mum, think of you as a dud in bed and start imagining girly talk sessions with her friends over a few cosmopolitans and giggles. You DON’T want to be that guy!

So, the next time you go down south, keep these five things in mind to turn that “No” into “Oh, yes!”

          Where’s the clit?

Take a look, guys! It’s not really that hard to find. Because according to a survey done by Cosmopolitan Magazine, 38 per cent women said that their partners couldn’t give them enough clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Yes, sometimes it’s really hard for us men to find the sweet spot. But, that said, knowledge is power and knowing your girl’s anatomy will only help your cause and, in turn, hers too.

Don’t rub it in!       

Your woman’s clitoris is made to love, savour and cherish. Don’t rub them in your excitement thinking that it will make her go crazy. Unlearn in your head what you have seen in porn. Easy is the way to go. Clitoris is one of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body, and when it’s rubbed hard, it hurts. Just think about the moment what a little flicker does to your nut-sack! Exactly! Use your hands and mouth to a good effect and she will reciprocate the love.


Why don’t you talk? 

You can go on and on about how you going to make love to her, but when it actually comes to doing it, why do you shut up? It’s very important to communicate with your partner about their needs. Ask her if she likes it. Or is there something that’s irritating her. Asking “how does that feel?” or “Is this working for you?” will only make your bond stronger and turn the activity into a fun session.




Don’t Expect a Return of Favour 

We men assume that if we’re down under to taste the thunder, she’ll be obligated to return the favour. While that’s like finding keys to Fort Knox, we’re here to tell you that that’s not always the case. Going down on your woman should be made to make her feel that you’re doing it because you love it; and not expecting anything in return.

You don’t want to do it just because you too want it. Instead, focus on your partner’s needs and she will do the same.



Open her Legs and Open your Mind

      You want to eat her in different positions and at different places, but she is not adventurous enough. Or maybe she wants to introduce toys in the act and that hurts your sentiments. Try to meet your partner at her level. No two women are alike. So just go with the flow, as they say. Because you will never know what you like until your try it, right?


Done with reading? Now go for it and let her decide if you have really learned something.

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