5 Timeless Haircuts That Will Never Go Out Of Style

From French crop to the side part, here is a list of five eternally fashionable hair styles for men
Timeless Haircut

It’s time to revisit some old school hairstyles; those that have failed to go out of style and can still manage to grab the attention of the ladies. Although modern hair trends are all about bold, attention-grabbing styles, the subtle look will always have a charm and sophistication of its own.  If you’re due for a haircut soon, don’t forget to consider these classic styles:

1.  French Crop

A low-maintenance hairstyle that works for nearly all face shapes – that’s a French Crop for you. The style calls for short trimmed hair, both from the side and back, but  with length on the top. To play around a bit with this style, keep it messy at the top but don’t overlook maintaining a  balance because that’s the ultimate goal of the French Crop.

Classic Hairstyle


2.  The Shaped Afro

Just when you think there isn’t much room for styling in curly hair, this versatile look comes in. The Shaped Afro was introduced by Will Smith; and that’s enough information for anybody to already consider it! Even then, do consult your barber about whether it will suit your face type or not.

Classic Hairstyle


3.  Classic Pompadour

Let's call this style historic, since it has developed over the years and has earned its place on the list. If you are not lazy when it comes to hair styling, then this is the perfect classic haircut for you. With extreme top and short sides, it definitely needs maintenance 

Classic Hairstyle


4.  Buzz Cut

Do you love minimalism? If yes, then Buzz Cut is the way to go.  This haircut leaves you almost bare with just about 15mm-16mm hair on your head. The best thing about this one is that you don’t need a stylist for each trim because the razor is your barber!

Classic Hairstyle


5.  Side Part

You must have seen your great-grandfather, grandfather and father sporting this haircut, so why not you? It is making a huge comeback, and is also being called ‘The Comb Over’. This style just demands neat combing with a side partition - undeniably one of the easiest and trendiest timeless hairstyles to get!

Classic Hairstyle

Figured which one will be your next bet?

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