5 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Gave Us A Lesson In Style

and amazed us with his fashionable choices!
Cristiano Ronaldo stylish looks

The goal-scoring machine isn’t just great on the field, but he also scored a few goals with his sartorial choices. After his exit from The FIFA WC, the Real Madrid star is rumoured to leave the biggest club in the world and make a move to Juventus - but that’s a discussion for another day. For now, let’s take a look at some of his winning looks that are worth taking a few style lessons from…   

1. Just Add A Blazer 

Take a cue from the footballer and take your casual wear up a notch by adding just one staple - the good ol’ blazer. The evergreen combination of a white tee and blue jeans never goes out of style, but the duo isn’t enough for a house party. So, find yourself a tailored blazer that fits you like second skin and you’re good to go.  


2. Say It With Colour 

In case you missed it, neutral coloured suits are so last season. 2018 is all about the modern suit and by the looks of it, 2019 will be too! So, jump on the bandwagon with blazers that are not-so-basic and add life to your suits. Ronaldo sported a royal blue blazer back in 2017 when the trend was yet to trickle down.  


3. Denim On Denim Is Never Always A Good Idea 

Gone are the days when denim on denim was a fashion faux pas. Get on board with the latest trends and don’t shy away from pairing a denim jacket with your basic jeans. The key to nailing this trend is to wear two different shades together. But if you want to wear the same shade of blue or black, break the monotony of denim with a solid t-shirt and sneakers. 

Cristiano Ronaldo


4. Believe In The Beanie 

Beanie isn’t just for school boys. Right, Ronaldo? The footballer makes the winter essential look cooler than ever. Are we the only ones digging the couple style here? 


5. Stripe Right!  

Stripes might be among the biggest trends of this year and it has established itself as a classic nonetheless. One would instantly think of a striped shirt to don the coolest trend of the season but Ronaldo opts for a black jumper with striped sleeves. To top that off, he styles it with a sleeveless leather jacket and tada! You’ve got the perfect dusk to dawn look! 


How do you always get it right, Cristiano?

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