5 Tips To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Follow these tips and tricks to have happier and healthier hair this season.
Protect your hair from sun

You want to enjoy the beach waves and bright sunshine on a cheery summer day, but don’t want to deal with the accompanying sun damage to your hair. We hear you. Overexposure to sun rays, salty water and sweat can indeed damage your hair and scalp. But no need to worry because we got tips from celebrity hairstylist, Savio John Pereira, to prevent your hair from becoming limp and/or dry this summer!

1.Use A Conditioner

If your hair is already damaged, then you need to moisturise your hair with a conditioner that suits your hair type.

Expert Tip: Love jumping into a pool? Make sure you apply a layer of conditioner before going in as the presence of silicones in the product will keep the chemicals and chloride from damaging your hair.

2. Give Your Hair Sun Protection

The best way to protect your crop from the summer sun is to wear a cap. But if you aren’t a big fan of headgear, we have an alternative. Pereira advises applying a hair serum or conditioner with SPF as it will help protect your hair from sun rays.

3. Make Dry Shampoo Your New BFF

Does the summer sweat leave your hair oily and greasy? Well, try using a dry shampoo. It will absorb all the excess oil from your scalp and prevent further production too. And it also comes extremely handy on days when you’re running late - just dust a little bit on your scalp and strands and you’re ready to flaunt non-greasy hair!

4. Watch Your Shampoo Days

You are living under a rock if you think you should shampoo your hair daily. Pereira recommends that shampooing thrice a week is enough, even if you feel your hair is oily or greasy. Also, always cleanse with lukewarm water.

Expert Tip: Still find a need to shampoo frequently? Then select a mild one and focus on cleansing the scalp rather than washing the strands.

5. Try An Overnight Hair Treatment

If you are struggling with dry and frizzy hair, try an overnight hair treatment. Pereira suggests applying a leave-in conditioner from the roots to the ends, and leaving the hair wrapped in a towel overnight. You will wake up with soft and frizz-free hair!

Enjoy healthy hair this summer by following these simple summer haircare tips!

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