5 Ways To Last Longer In Bed, According To A Sexpert!

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“How can I last longer in bed?” is probably the most common question a sexologist is faced with. Well, finishing too early is something men want to avoid. And it’s only fair. Finishing too soon can affect the way your partner feels about you and even your confidence, in some cases. Sex might not be the only thing that keeps the love and relationship strong but having great sex is still an important aspect of a relationship. We understand how your performance in bed might be affecting you in ways more than one. Well, let us bring the sex counselling right to your screen for you. We got in touch with Dr Madhusudan, Sexologist, Sr. Consultant at Delhi Clinic And Arogya Clinic and came up  with 5 expert-approved tips to last longer in bed! 

1. Try Different Positions

Sticking to one position from the beginning to the end (which will come soon in this case), is a no-no. Since women anyway take longer to reach an orgasm than men, it’s suggested to try different positions as it’ll provide continued arousal. By switching to different positions you will definitely last longer than you usually would in one position from start till the end. “Girl on top is the best position for men to avoid premature ejaculation,” says Dr Madhusudan. 




2. Masturbate Before Having Sex

Many people might cringe at the idea of masturbating right before sex but here’s the deal - if you ejaculate a while before the act, your chances of finishing too soon are few. It’ll take longer for you to climax if you can get a quick masturbation session right before the deed! 

3. Try Edging 

‘Edging’ has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months. The trick is to halt your orgasm - yes, you got that right. It can be a little difficult. Especially because there’s a partner involved. But it’s worth the effort. Right before climax, take a break to breathe and calm down and then start back up. This won’t just make you last longer but also help you achieve a really satisfying orgasm!  




4. Use A Condom 

For many men, using a condom decreases penis sensitivity. Condoms differ in terms of their thickness. But for people who indulge in unprotected sex (but safe, of course), using a condom every once in a while will definitely make you last longer in bed. There are condoms available in the market which contain special lubricants that help in reducing sensitivity and increasing ejaculation time,” says Dr Madhusudan.

5. Go Easy On The Drinks  

It’s scientifically proven and even Dr Madhusudan agrees - having too much alcohol can jeopardise your performance in bed. A little bit of alcohol is fine and it in fact helps in feeling uninhibited (which can boost your performance). But any more than this little dosage can hamper your chances of lasting long enough. According to Dr Madhusudan, 30-45 ml is an ideal amount to take 30 minutes before intercourse.




So, are you ready to take your performance up a notch? 

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