5 Ways To Measure Your Fitness (Throw Out That Weighing Scale)

There’s More To Health Than Just Weight
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Millennials love to count everything from Twitter followers to Instagram likes. So, when it comes to fitness, we naturally restrict our goals to just a number, and that number is indicated on the weighing scale. But, getting caught up in this number game can be quite discouraging. Our health relies on a lot of factors that are beyond weight. So, to get a real indication of your goals it is important to throw that weighing scale out of the window and try these ways to measure your fitness as recommended by New Delhi-based nutritionist Shikha A Sharma.

1. Measure Your Waist

A lot of factors in your body contribute to your weight including muscle weight, fat, water weight amongst others. So, your weight might remain the same even after rigorous exercise as you might be losing fat but gaining muscle. But, since fat takes up more space than muscles, your body composition may have shrunk a little in effect. Thus, by measuring the circumference of your waist, you might get an idea of your fat count.

2. Test Your Body Fat

Fit people have a controlled fat percentage in their body. Thus, evaluating your body fat percentage periodically can give you a real indication about your health. There are several ways test your body’s fat percentage. You can either do it manually by using fat clippers or take a body scan.

3. Get Into Your Old Clothes

Even if you’re not tracking your fitness regularly, you can stay updated on your health by picking up on subtle signals from your everyday life. One such sign is the fit of your clothes. If you put on an old pair of jeans one day that was too tight for you earlier, you know that you’ve shed a few kilos. The reverse is true if your new regular clothes suddenly get too tight for you.

4. Take A Hike

The fit of your clothes and waist length can give you a hint if your heading in the right direction to accomplish your fitness goals but they are still inaccurate measures of your fitness. Only testing your agility and strength will give you the ultimate verdict on your fitness. So, challenge yourself by lifting a few more kilos at the gym or setting off on a sprint and taking a hike every once in a while. If you’re in the right verve even after completing these challenges, it means you’re getting closer to your goals.

5. Take Photos

Sometimes, it’s easier to visually observe changes than receiving exact measurements. Thus, taking periodic snapshots of yourself is a healthy way to track your fitness goals. Photos also help you to lift your spirit and encourage you to push further. Besides, they may earn you some bragging points on social media too.

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