5 Ways To Mix And Match Your Formal Suits

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how to mix and match your formal suits

Among other things, suits are having a moment right now. This year kicked off with runways that approved of never-seen-before suits and ones that were definitely not meant for the boardroom. We already told you that suits 2.0 are going to be big next year as well. So, if you’re still contemplating experimenting with your suit style, now is the time! Here are 5 ways you can mix and match your formal suits and werk them…  

1. Swap The Basic Button-Down 

The simplest way to change up your suit style is to swap that basic white button-down with something that’s on the other extreme. Think printed shirts, t-shirts or sweaters (if the weather allows you!) Anything that’s printed and/or is in contrast with your suit will instantly add life to it and dress it down a little. Floral print (Hawaiian or tropical) is among the top trends to try right now. So, Rajkummar Rao’s printed shirt definitely has our vote! 



2. Neutral Shades To The Rescue! 

Colours and how you pair them go a long way in making your outfit look pleasant to the eyes. As much as we love printed pieces or statement jackets, neutral shades shall never be forgotten. A very simple way to make any solid coloured item stand out in your outfit is by pairing it with something neutral coloured. Just look at how Anil Kapoor’s navy blue jacket is the first thing you notice when you see his outfit. It’s all courtesy of his beige coloured pants. Making these simple tweaks in your outfit and knowing which element of your suit can be paired with what, will help you create a number of winning looks.   



3. Pattern Play 

Pantsuits in different patterns are not a bizarre thing anymore. With fashion weeks and celebrities giving it their seal of approval, the trend is more acceptable right now than ever. The best thing about a patterned suit? You can use the pants and the blazer as standalone pieces as well. Use the item as the hero piece of your look and make a statement by styling it with a basic item from your formal wear collection. It’s the perfect way to mix and match your suits and make them occasion-appropriate! 



4. Ditch The Formal Footwear

More and more stylists are encouraging their muses to ditch the good ol’ oxfords for sneakers and open toe flats when it comes to suits. In case you missed it, Rajkummar Rao styled an olive green suit with tan coloured flats while Ayushmann Khurrana has chosen ugly dad sneakers time and again. We love how Ayushmann has paired his mint green suit with a blue jumper and chunky white sneakers. Clearly, it takes only two swaps to take the boardroom essential to the streets.  



5. The Third Piece Rule 

Layering is the best way to take a basic suit from the boardroom to a place that needs more dressing up. Say, a wedding function? Add a waistcoat to any of your suits and see how it completely transforms your look. Don’t forget to replace your tie with a pocket square, of course! 



Are you ready to play mix and match with your suit style?

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