5 Workplace Etiquette Rules You Should Always Follow

Better be careful than sorry, right?
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Your workplace is your second home. You spend most of your time there and it’s necessary that you understand your office’s dynamics and function accordingly. We spoke to Ms. Manisha Kapoor, an HR expert who is currently working for Liquidhub Analytics, about 5 workplace etiquettes every employee should follow and you need to check them out, now.

1. Be Punctual

Being punctual is a sign of professionalism. It shows that you care about your job. It’s extremely important that you reach your office on time, everyday. Of course, there can be exceptions if you have urgent work, but try to always be on time. Be punctual about not just reaching office on time, but also about the meetings you’ve lined up, or catch-ups you’ve promised, even replying to emails on time shows that you respect your coworkers’ time.   




2. Don’t Talk Or Laugh Too Loudly

If you get a phone call that you have to attend, step away from your desk and go to a space where you can talk without disturbing anyone. Make sure you are not too loud. If you are talking to a colleague in your bay, make sure you talk at a low pitch and don’t bother the ones working around you. When you respect your surrounding as well as other people’s space, you create a professional environment that’s desirable for everyone.  

3. Say No To Gossiping And Bitching

Gossiping is never good. Often people get together during lunch or around the water cooler to bitch about their coworkers or bosses, but honestly it’s not at all advisable. It throws a bad light on your character and you also might risk your job when you gossip. It’s best to politely step away when someone you know tries to indulge in gossiping.




4. Use The “Reply All” Feature Only When Needed

If you are one of those employees who use the “reply all” feature and mark your boss in every email you send, you’re not only bothering your boss every few minutes, you are creating a lack of trust within the team. Use the “reply all” feature only when it’s needed and ignore it for the not-so-significant emails. It’s a judgement call and there are no set rules as to which email will go to your boss and which won’t.

5. Finish Work During Work Hours

Often people are seen staying late in office, even after the work hours are over. While you might think that it’s a sign of dedication, it actually shows that you are inefficient. If you can’t finish your a day’s work within the working hours, you are a slogger. It’s important that you stay focused and finish everything before the end of the day. It’ll give you some space away from work, too and the next day when you will be back, you’ll be fresh and motivated.




Follow these etiquette rules and you’re good to go.

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