6 Signs That Your Co-Worker Secretly Hates You

Not getting very good vibes from your colleague? Here are a few signs that will reveal everything about your office dynamics.
signs co workers hates you

You may be the most loved one among your friends, but maybe your workplace popularity isn’t worth boasting about. You could be working among people who don’t necessarily like you, and perhaps their behaviour is giving it away, albeit in a subtle way. So how do you know whether the person sitting at the adjoining station has a genuine dislike for you or is simply constantly grumpy? 

To help you resolve this dilemma, we got in touch with Dr Monika Sharma, Psychologist, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, and formulated a list of subtle signs that may allow you to assess your co-worker’s behaviour more accurately. Guys, it’s all in the signs...

1.They Avoid Face-To-Face Conversation

If any of your coworkers is limiting his/her interaction with you or the communication mostly takes place via mail, only talking about work then there might be a case that they don’t like you.

2. They Take Credit For Your Work

If this happens to you quite often, then, friend, you are on the radar. No matter how much effort you put in, your coworker takes all the credit (every single time), reason being they dislike you and can’t deal with you getting appreciated or rewarded.

3. They Play Boss

You have the same designation yet they behave more like a senior or even the boss. Every time they try to demonstrate their unauthorised power on you. Clear indication that the person does not enjoy working with you.

4. They Don’t Acknowledge You

“Has it happened to you that you enter a conference room for a meeting and everyone greets you, except for that one fellow? Well, it can’t get clearer than this.

5. You’re Always On A Back Seat

When working in a team, your opinion is undervalued and your work is hardly ever prioritised by your coworker.

6. They Encourage You To Leave

“This is not the right position for you. You will feel more satisfied if you work there”. Don’t buy it. This is the oldest trick in the book and the subtlest of ways to tell someone to bugger off.

You cannot get along with all your coworkers and that’s absolutely okay. But it is good to be aware of their behaviour and/or body language, and maintain a safe distance from them at the workplace.

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