7 Common Condom Mistakes That You Are Making

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Condom Mistakes

You thought condoms were the simplest way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections? Well, here is some one-on-one sex counselling for you. Condoms aid safe sex 98% of the the time, when used ‘correctly’. A study printed in the Sexual Health Journal in 2012 gave us various ways in which condoms are being used incorrectly. The research was based on the literature of 50 other articles from 1995 to 2011. All the articles were about condom use and a list of the most common errors was documented at the end.

The research showed that 18 out of 100 women get pregnant even after using a condom because they are using it incorrectly. Here is a list of some of the common mistakes which you should avoid the next time.

Mistake 1: You Don’t Need To Wear Condoms For The Entire Duration Of Sex

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Here’s the first rule of sex counselling - wear it from start to finish! The study showed that upto 51% of the population were putting on a condom after the intercourse had already begun. Even a slight genital-to-genital contact can lead to sexually transmitted infections. The study also showed that 35% of the participants totally avoided condoms if their partners were on some other form of contraception.

Mistake 2: You Can Avoid Condoms During Oral Sex

The main reasons for condoms having strawberry and chocolate flavour is to make oral sex pleasant and to avoid sexually transmitted infections house in your mouth.  85% of the participants avoided condoms during oral sex, according to the study. Go find you favourite flavour!

Mistake 3: Using Flavoured Condoms For Intercourse Is Ok

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Here is a great health tip! The common difference between flavored condoms and non flavored condoms is spermicide. Spermicide is used to kill sperms and is generally present in the lubrication of the non flavored condoms and are missing in the flavored ones. So, it’s always better to check if that chocolate flavored condom has spermicide or not before use.

Mistake 4: Leaving The Condom On Too Long Once You’re Done

It is advised that the condom should be removed as soon as the ejaculation happens and the erection is still present. Otherwise when the penis leaves its rigid state, there is space between the condom and the penis increasing the chances of spillage. Therefore it is advised to remove the condom, put a knot on it and throw it away. About 57% of people committed this mistake.

Mistake 5: Leaving Space At The Tip

Here is a great way to have safe sex. The study also mentions that approximately 24-45% of the participants were not leaving space at the tip while wearing the condom. That gap between the penis and the condom is important as that is where the semen goes after you ejaculate. If there is no space it increases the chances of spillage. 

Mistake 6: Not Checking The Condom For Leakage Before Use

The study shows that 82% of women and 74% of men failed to check the condom for leakage prior to use. We understand that it is very difficult to do so in the heat of the moment but it is a necessary health tip that you must follow if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Mistake 7: Not Changing Condoms When Necessary



The study showed that 1.4% to 3.3% of people were not changing condoms while switching from vaginal sex to anal sex or vice versa. The introduction of the vaginal bacteria into the rectum should be avoided. Similarly the condom used during oral sex should be changed while switching to vaginal sex as their is a high possibility of the teeth making a tear in the condom.

There are many types and flavours of condoms out there, if you don't like one type, try another. Use them for safe sex as they not just prevent unwanted pregnancies but also protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections. 

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