7 Excuses To Never Use When You Miss Your Girlfriend’s Calls

It’s not going to be pretty if you do.
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It’s a common joke: There is nothing more scary than seeing multiple missed calls from your mom. Well, girlfriends aren’t all that easy when it comes to this either. We can get a bit high strung when our boyfriends don’t answer their phones - but more because we care about their well-being than worry about them cheating. And when you do finally call back - please don’t lie about when you didn’t answer in the first place. Just give us the truth, even if it’s something as blunt as ‘I was busy with work’ or ‘I had a headache, didn’t feel like talking.’ Don’t take us for a fool and give us any of these excuses:  

1. “I couldn’t find my phone…” when you were online on Instagram two minutes ago. 

Don’t tell such a blatant lie. In the day of social media stalking, you’ll get caught in it faster than you can imagine. Women are pretty tech-savvy when it comes to this. 




2. “I was driving…” when you always answer on handsfree when she’s with you in the car. 

Why are there special rules for everyone else and different ones for your girlfriend? If your car’s system is synced to your phone and it’s natural for you to answer calls through it, why would you use it as an excuse just for her? 




3. “I was with a friend…” who doesn’t know that you’re in a relationship? 

Unless your relationship is a secret, this isn’t a valid excuse. Meetings and work are completely understandable. But in front of a friend? Why the secrecy? Don’t feed your girlfriend’s insecurity by acting shady like this - just answer, tell her you’re hanging out with a friend and will call her when you’re free. Simple. 




4. “I was watching the game…” but did your phone die too? 

It’s the last over of a very important match and your eyes are glued to the screen, we get it. Her call isn’t going to detach your eyes, nor take over your mind. Just a ‘Call you back in 5’ would do too - girlfriends aren’t that unreasonable. And in case yours is, you clearly have bigger issues to deal with. 




5. “I didn’t want to fight again…” and ignoring her calls would achieve that how? 

It feels easy to just not engage in conversation when you’re in the middle of a bad fight. But it’s also a coward’s way out. The only way to resolve the issue and get on with your lives is to confront her and talk it out. Of course, you’re allowed time to think - but then you should just answer her call and tell her that.



6. “I was in the shower…” when you always want to Facetime when she is in the shower? 

Hypocrite much? It’s not fair to expect things of her when you wouldn’t deliver on the same. This is a perfect example of that! So what if you were in the shower? If she can maneuver through her bath to answer your call, we’re sure you’re capable of it too.  




7. “I called you back but your phone was unreachable. Where were you?”

Do not turn in back on her if you didn’t actually call her back. Most people have missed call alert service activated these days. Plus, you’re not even giving her an explanation, just using misdirection. Just. Be. Honest!




The point is, that you never know when she’s calling you about something extremely urgent. So if you see her calling and you can answer, please just do so and avoid the whole hassle. 

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