7 Exercises You Can (And Should) Do With A Towel

Don’t feel like going to the gym? We got you!
towel workout

The fun thing about working out is that it doesn’t always require fancy equipment. The most interesting exercises often require little or no equipment at all. Or even the most disparaged articles like a towel can be converted into an effective workout equipment. Kamal Chhikara, fitness trainer at Reebok Crossfit Robust in New Delhi, says that exercising with a towel can immensely improve your mobility and posture. It can also help you in building strength. So, if your excuse for not staying fit is lack of equipment or time, get over your apprehensions with 7 exercises that you can (and should) do with a towel.

1. Squat With A Towel

“When you do squats with a towel, chances are that you will keep your trunk more upright. This way the exercise becomes more challenging by keeping your posture intact,” explains Chhikara. He adds that this exercise helps you tone your glutes and back muscles and is best done as a warm up exercise.

Hold a towel with both arms straightened in front of your chest.

  • Squat while trying to pull it apart.

  • 2. Overhead Squat With A Towel

    This is another variation of the same exercise. It will increase your mobility by strengthening your shoulders, ankles, knees and hip joints.  

    • Hold the towel above your head.

    • Make sure your arms are straight while you squat.

    3. Pull Ups With A Towel

    “This exercise is just another variation of normal pull ups,” explains Chhikara. Towel pull ups are more arduous than normal pull ups as they challenge your grip. The exercise will help you in strength-building and toning your arms. It also helps you stretch your back. This exercise will also need a bar in addition to the towel.

    • Hang your towel across the bar.

    • Attempt pull ups holding the towel, instead of the bar.

    3. Tricep Pull With A Towel

    This exercise will help increase the mobility of your shoulder joints and protect you from injury if you’re going to lift heavy weights afterwards.

    • Begin the tricep pull up with a comfortable standing posture, while holding the towel with your left hand.

    • Take the towel back in line with your spine by bending it towards your back.

    • Now, hold the other end of the towel with your right hand by stretching it towards your right hip.

    • Pull the towel upwards by extending your left arm towards the ceiling.

    • Repeat the process 10 to 12 times.

    4. Towel Planks

    “This exercise helps in building core strength and making a normal plank more challenging,” comments Chhikara. Towel Planks are not much different than normal planks. Only, you need a partner for it.

    • Ask your partner to hold the towel across your stomach and pull you upwards while you’re planking.

    • Resist his force by pulling your body down with your core muscles.

    5. Overhead Lunges

    This exercise strengthens your quads and glutes and help you increase the mobility of your ankle and hip joints.

    • For this exercise, hold the towel overhead with both your arms in line with your respective shoulders and try to pull it apart.

    • Now, take a stride forwards and push your weight on it, just like a normal lunge.

    6. Australian Pull Ups

    Instead of pulling your body vertically, the Australian Pull Ups demand horizontal pulling of the body. It is easier than a normal pull up. You need a bar for this exercise. The Australian pull ups help to strengthen your upper body muscles.

    • You will have to throw the towel across the bottom of the bar and grip both ends with your palms while lying down on the floor facing the bar.

    • Now pull yourself horizontally towards the bar. Repeat the process eight to ten times.

    7. Hollow Roll

    “A lot of gymnasts do this exercise while warming up”, says coach Chhikara. “This is a resistance  exercise that automatically improves your core strength,” explains Chhikara.

    • Lie down on the ground with your lower back touching the floor.

    • Lift your leg and shoulders and place a towel underneath the lower back.

    • Now, ask a partner to take the towel out.

    • Resist his efforts by keeping your lower back as flat on the ground as possible.

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