7 Gifts For The Groom On His Big Day

These will make for the perfect gift
Gifts For Groom

When your friends are about to get married, apart from all the happiness you think about the clothes that you are going to wear and all the events that you are going to attend. But amidst all this ho-ha, the question of what to gift your friend remains unanswered. If you are a friend of the bride it is still easier as there are a lot of options out there. But it is not an easy task to pick a gift for the groom. Well, we are here to help. Here is a list of 7 gift items that you can pick from for your friend on his special day.

1. The Latest Model Of Playstation




What says friendship better than a game of Call of Duty together with your friends? This gift will be a reminder to the groom that things need not change a lot after he is married and that you will still spend time together doing the same things you do now.

2. A Classic Watch




Watches are a statement accessory for men - a classic one might be an investment but it is timeless. A watch is for sure going to make the groom feel special. Whenever he will wear it, he will think about you. Getting it inscripted with something special is an even better way to go about it.  

3. Cufflinks




We agree, it’s a little cliche but no man should ever be without a statement pair of cufflinks. Moreover, because of the vast variety of options that are out their to pick from, you can buy one that suits his personality. If not, you can always get a pain customised with his initials. Every man needs a pair like that.

4. His Favourite Alcohol




This is a safe option and one that will for sure be a hit. This will be like an ode to all those times that you have sat together and spent the entire night drinking and showcasing your bromance to the world. And since it’s his wedding gift, you can splurge on a that bottle you both always talked about but couldn’t afford (then).

5. His Favourite Grooming Products

Men’s grooming is no joke and they don’t take it lightly. Grooming products would be a great idea to gift your friend. You can always make up a modified shaving kit with all his favourite products and then add some funnier gifts at the bottom to give it a twist - we’re talking dotted condom, pleasure rings, naughty dice… They’ll be grateful even if they don’t mention it.

6. Sneaky Sneakers

There is one thing that all ages of men are into. Sneakers. And in today's time where every second person is a sneaker fanatic and all celebs are showing their shoe collections online and with all big brands venturing into it. Sneakers are a great idea - but make sure you get him a pair that’s as exclusive as possible. Cute packaging tip? A sticker on the bottom that says - Property of (Bride’s Name).

7. A Gift Card From His Favourite Brand

Gifting someone clothing is a bad idea, as there is always that probability of what if the size doesn't fit well or what if the colour doesn’t suit your friend... But you know about this particular brand that your friend really likes. So it is always a good idea to get them a gift card from that brand. Yes, sure, it’s not very exciting but better safe than sorry, right?

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