7 Golden Rules For Men With Thinning Hair

Not ready to go bald yet?
Grooming Tips for men with thinning hair

Who doesn't want to age like George Clooney? The man is approaching his 60’s with a scalp full of hair and no hint of a receding hairline.  While we make sure to take care of our hair, a receding hairline is one of the biggest issues that we are facing today. Hair thinning can be blamed on genetics and stress. If you, too, have been stressed about this and have been on the lookout for some essential men’s grooming tips, worry not! MH, along with Dr Shehla Agarwal, Dermatologist and Hair Expert, brings you certain hair care tips and tricks for men to delay the process.

Rule #1: Keep Your Scalp Clean

The basic grooming tip is keeping your hair clean. Dr Agarwal says “The act of shampooing is a method to clean both, the hair and the scalp. It is important to keep the scalp clean for people with thinning hair.” She adds, “The number of times you wash your hair is dependent upon the kind of lifestyle you have. If you indulge in workouts or swimming or your job involves a lot of outdoor activity, you must wash your hair everyday.”

Rule #2: Give Yourself A Light Oil Massage

Dr Agarwal recommends a light oil massage  for thinning hair, “The aim of a massage is to increase the blood flow in the area which helps in nourishment,” she says. However, she recommends light massages only as vigorous massaging may lead to breakage of hair. “Do the oil massage half an hour before you wash your hair and do not leave the oil overnight,” she instructs..”

Rule #3: Eat Sulphur Rich Food



According to Dr Agarwal, sulphur-rich food items  help the situation the most. Oily Fish-Salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds and eggs are some of the food items that are recommended. She adds, ”Maintain a good gut health and ensure that you don't suffer from digestive complaints including constipation or diarrhoea.”

Rule #4: Do Not Take Stress

Stress decreases our healing capacity which aggravates the thinning of hair, in spite of all other efforts. To overcome stress, Dr Agarwal suggests meditation and Yoga. 

Rule #5: Avoid Hair Products

 “Products that dry the hair such as hair wax should be avoided for thinning hair. If you apply other hair products, make sure that the product does not come in contact with the scalp and should be shampooed out at the earliest possible,” recommends Dr Agarwal.

Rule #6: Decrease Supplement Intake

Supplements are a complete no-no, according to Dr Agarwal. Specially the ones that have soya or testosterone boosters in them, as they lead to hair thinning.

Rule #7: Consult A Physician

“A physician should be consulted, if you wake up and find hair on your pillow. This is known as non-frictional hair loss and needs to be addressed at once,” warns Dr Agarwal.

Man Finger drying his hair


Here is some final advice from her “Use a shampoo while washing your hair and don't just simply wet them with water. Avoid dry rubbing your hair with towels, always dab dry or finger dry your hair. Use a wide comb and never wait for a long time for a treatment to work. All therapies should give results in 3 weeks, otherwise it's time to change your doctor,” she says.

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