7 Grooming Hacks Every Lazy Man Should Know

Your cheat sheet for fixing up!
grooming tips for men

Every man wants to be the best dressed guy...okay scratch that. Every man wants to look good when he steps out for work in the morning. It’s such a good feeling to walk into a room knowing you don’t look like a slob, right? While that might be true for most men, it’s also true that very few people enjoy spending hours in front of the mirror before they leave the house. To speed up your grooming routine and save time while you look dapper, here are 7 hacks you must know about.  

1. Shave After A Shower  

It’s tempting to wrap up all the messy work before you go for a nice, warm shower. But here’s the truth - your skin’s hair follicles are more open and your facial hair is softer after a shower. Thanks to all the steam! This will give you a much closer, smoother shave and minimise the risk of getting a cut. 




2. Use A Lip Balm On Shaving Cuts 

This might sound odd but it’s actually an effective way to stop the bleeding. And if you’re a regular shaver, nicks are inevitable. Lip balm acts like petroleum jelly and the waxy texture helps in sealing the cut and clotting the wound. Rub some lip balm on your finger and then apply it all over the wound. 

3. Say Goodbye To Frizzy Hair With Hand Cream  

Investing in quality hair care products is imperative but not every man feels the need for it. In case you fall in that bracket of men, you’ll be happy to know that you can fix frizzy hair with just a dab of hand cream. Yes, you really don’t need a conditioner for an occasional frizz! Just rub some hand cream on your hands and stroke it through your hair for a smooth finish. 




4. Cut Your Nails After A Shower 

Don’t get roped into cutting your toenails before you go in for a shower. That way, you’ll save up on a few good minutes from your early morning grooming routine. After a shower your nails are softer, which makes it easier to cut them. 

5. Blow Dry Your Razor To Keep It Sharp 

After you shave, blow dry your razor to remove every drop of water that can eventually cause the blade to rust. If you leave your razor hanging in there after you shave, you’ll be left with a blunt razor that’ll hardly do its job right. 




6. Apply Talc To Keep It Fresh Down There

Summer and the humidity can be quite a pain when it comes to your groin area. Appling a small amount of antifungal talc is a very easy way to keep the environment fresh and healthy down there.   

7. Deodorise To Avoid Blisters 

Fitting in new shoes can be quite a nightmare. We’re all familiar with the blisters new shoes can give, aren’t we? To decrease the friction, use a roll-on on your heels before fitting in a new pair of shoes. Trust us, this’ll make getting used to new shoes so much easier! 




With these easy hacks you'll easily save those precious few minutes from your grooming routine! 

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