7 Men’s Sweater Styles To Try This Autumn/Winter

This knitwear knowledge will see you through the cold weather in style!
Sweater Styles

Any man’s wardrobe can always use a new sweater. Not only are they unrivalled in the warmth and comfort they provide, they’re versatile articles of clothing that look stylish whether they’re worn on their own or part of a layered look.

As your favourite Game Of Thrones character has probably said at least once, winter is coming. Well, the autumn chill is due first before winter sets in, but you get the idea. The point is, you need to stock up on your sweaters and this sweater style guide will help you out when you’re making your purchases.

1. Crew Neck

It’s probably the most common style seen during the cold months. With good reason too—it’s simple, it’s stylish, works in formal or casual settings, available in varying thicknesses to provide optimum warmth and can be worn with any look!

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Whether it’s worn over a shirt or a t-shirt, under a jacket or even with a suit, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple crew-neck jumper.  

2. Fisherman’s Knit

If there was a sweater style you’d want by your side through the harshest winter months, this would be it. Originally designed for fishermen to wear at sea, the fisherman’s knit, also called the Guernsey knit, is a heavy duty garment that will keep you toasty warm in the winter.

What’s more, they’re usually designed to be worn either way round, so you could even grab yours and wear it with your eyes closed!

3. V-Neck

Stylish and straightforward, the V-neck jumper has become a go-to winter wear article in both casual and formal attire. It looks great worn over a t-shirt but is in all its glory when paired with a shirt, especially if you’re really proud of the knot you’ve tied in your tie!

4. Cable Knit

Another sweater that has its origins in fishing, cable-knit sweaters often sport the distinctive patterns of the fisherman’s rope and net. It not only adds texture to an outfit but also offers a rugged and relaxed look.

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5. Cardigan

There’s something about a cardigan that instantly suggests comfort, making it the ideal sweater style to be wearing at home. There’s a lot you can do with a cardigan—there are thin ones and thick ones, with buttons or without, and those with different collars as well.

Wearing it unbuttoned makes the cardigan almost like a jacket and offers a softer, more casual shape because of its relaxed material.

6. Roll Neck

It’s essential winter wear simply because it’s like having a scarf without actually wearing one. Roll neck and turtleneck sweaters have an effortlessly cool retro vibe attached to them and are best worn by taller men with strong jawlines because the look with accentuate those strong features.

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7. Sweatshirt

Perhaps the most casual and comfortable sweater style of them all, the sweatshirt was designed for athletes to keep them warm before and after indulging in sporting action. It’s one of those reassuring garments that you can always rely on—a perfect fit in every winter casual look but also great to wear at home, especially if it’s lost its shape but none of its comfort and warmth.

With the cold weather looming, this is the time to get your winter wardrobe in order. Find the sweaters that suit your style!

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