7 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Workouts To Lose Belly Fat

Are you overcommitted to your cardio?
workouts for belly fat

Having that hanging belly is what has led many of us to the gym. The dream of having rock-hard abs like Dwayne Johnson has inspired so many of us. Which is why we are often looking for the fastest way to lose belly fat. Yes, no matter what we do, we still fail. Putting in the hard work and not getting the desired results can lead to many people becoming disheartened and quitting. This happens because in the quest of losing belly fat we commit certain mistakes that pushes us farther from our dream. Aashu Kumar Jaivir, Personal trainer at Olympia Gym gives us a list of 7 mistakes must be avoided while doing workouts to lose belly fat..

Mistake 1: Emphasising Too Much On Cardio

If you are a beginner on the path to lose belly fat, simply relying on cardio would not cut it. It would, in fact, lead to a heavy drop in your lean mass creating an imbalance in muscle fat ratio of the body. This will ultimately result in a decline in the quality of physique and push you farther from your desired result.

Mistake 2: Quitting Food Will Make Things Worse

Quitting food or eating less than you should consume can hamper the results to. This method of trying to lose belly fat drops your metabolic rate resulting in a lag in the calorie burning process, actively as well as passively. Therefore, if you are working hard in the gym but starving yourself, it would make losing belly fat even more difficult.




Mistake 3: Skipping Your Gym

The consistency of going to the gym is quite relevant in terms of the recovery cycle of exhausted muscles and preparing you for the next workout. But by not being regular with your workout, you disturb the whole pattern of recovery periods and alarm the injury zone.

Mistake 4: Improper Protein Consumption

The protein intake required for your body can be anywhere between 1 gm/kg of body weight to 3 gm/kg of body weight. It solely depends on the target of the person, as you may want to only lose belly fat and simultaneously gain muscles too. This protein consumption is important as the body requires protein after a heavy workout. So, it is always better to consult your personal trainer for the quantity of protein intake required for you body type and your desired result.

Mistake 5: Doing The Exercise Wrong

It is easier for anyone to continue the flow in a rhythmic movement due to adaptability of the body. Therefore it is advisable to do a workout which will exhaust you earlier rather than a very long session. Some people do the mistake of continuing their one particular regime for much longer than required. They face the same fate too.

There is also a very high probability that the posture of a beginner goes wrong. Therefore, it is advisable to do it in the presence of a professional so that all the hard work that you put in should not go to waste. This would not only make your workout more effective but will also help you reach your goals.

Mistake 6: Picking Up The Wrong Weights

Doing improper weight training is the biggest mistake that one can make during a workout.  If you are doing exercises like the french twist or planks with weights - one mistake in form and it can cause an injury. Pulled muscles, sprains, breaking of tendons or tearing ligaments are more common in gyms than you can imagine. This is extremely risky since it can hurt your joints beyond repair. It’s a huge risk for the sensitive and fragile spine as well.

Mistake 7: Thinking Long Term

One should avoid long term goals. Exercises should be followed for your short term goals from beginner level on the path to reach higher ones. One should refrain from crash diets and strive to know their own system better than imitating someone's success story. Simple  carbohydrates are the worst enemies in terms of losing belly fat. Avoiding wheat, rice and white sugar in any form is the golden rule subjected to every individual looking to lose belly fat. And then professional guidance is needed to find other specific adjustments.

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